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Tyranny - it is here and you better be ready

Tyranny - it is here and you better be ready

February 19, 2022

The Freedom Convoy has disrupted things in Canada for the past few weeks. Enough so that Justin Trudeau has taken action to lock up anyone who stands against mandates and restrictions on the people of Canada. It's a great example of how he is taking action to prevent freedom. This is tyranny.

But do not be fooled that this is only happening abroad. Tyranny is already happening here in the US. Government leaders are controlling news outlets, social media outlets, and Democrats are forcing tyrannical rule onto Americans any chance they get. Actions continue to show that they will at any opportunity make our lives miserable. 

So how do we stop tyranny in its tracks? We must be prepared. We must be prepare outside of government resources. We must also take action. This means stop talking and start doing. Stand up to local and state leaders and hold them accountable. Refuse to accept their fast track to tyranny. Run for their seats and send them home. 

If we the people stand against the tyranny, tyranny cannot survive. 

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Biden is Putin’s Paper Tiger

Biden is Putin’s Paper Tiger

February 12, 2022

Biden supporters are as scarce as a winning lottery ticket. According to Pew Research this week, just 41% of adult Americans approve of Biden's job performance as president. But that isn't the worst, for as Biden continues to lose confidence from traditional Democrat demographics like African Americas, who 1/3rd of them disapprove of his handling of everything. When Biden took office, he held a 92% favorable rating among Christian Blacks - now, that number is 65%.

The reason for these dismal numbers is quite apparent - Joe Biden's lack of leadership, national and global understanding, and his continued willingness to disregard reality is killing our nation, our economy, our security, and our everyday way of life.

Add into the mix an ex-KGB, megalomanic in Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is staging a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, will undoubtedly send crude oil prices near $150 a barrel and over $5 a gallon at your local pump.

You can't make this stuff up - this is happening - right now. And where is our great leader, Joe Biden? - again, hiding out in the confines of his Camp David compound. Sound familiar? When our countrymen and women and longtime allies in Afghanistan were threatened, hunted down, and killed, where was Joe Biden? - that's right, in the bunkers and basements of Camp David.

Joe Biden is nothing like Donald Trump, and even further from the genius of Ronald Reagan. By the end of 2024, 12 of the last 16 years would have been under a Democrat president, and America has never been weaker. Joe Biden has turned these United States into nothing more than a paper tiger of his former self - and nation of pride we once were. A country that said we would not fight in global wars, but if you endanger our way of life, threaten our security, or harm our people or allies, we will leave a dusting of your existence. This is the America we should all strive to be - but under Biden and the other clueless within his administration, America will be a nation of kneepad-wearing nothings, begging the Putin's of the world to take what they want, just don't hurt us.

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Americans are finally canceling cancel culture

Americans are finally canceling cancel culture

February 5, 2022

Over the past few weeks and months, we have seen a radical shift in the cancel culture mindset across our nation. What used to be a radical left movement to cancel anything against their agenda, has turned into an American movement to cancel the cancel culture. Americans are sick and tired of the ridiculous attempts to eliminate anyone that may have an opposing viewpoint on a matter.

Take for example the situation with Joe Rogan. It started when Rogan had COVID and decided to go against the experts. The radical left could not tolerate someone that did not want to go with the propaganda and tell everyone to submit to their agenda. Rogan said he used treatments the experts said were questionable. They worked for Rogan.

The woke mafia could not stand it. They could not let it go. Rogan saw how they attacked Marjorie Taylor Greene, Donald Trump, and conservatives each and every day. He responded by moving to Gettr. It set the woke mafia off and they started working even harder to cancel Joe Rogan. They want Spotify to cancel him for words he has used. They want to have his podcasts labeled for the things he says. He is square in the eyes of cancel culture. 

As the woke mafia continues their march against all their societal enemies, what is happening is the exact opposite of what cancel culture wants. Americans have grown tired of their incessant attacks and cancel missions. They are fighting back. 

Facebook is already seeing the effects of its wokeness in their recent numbers. Their users are declining. Their profits are declining. People are leaving the platform as they are tired of the woke mafia. That is not stopping the woke mafia though. Now they are attacking Facebook. 

They do not see how their actions have already destroyed the company. The company is on the decline, and now the woke mafia wants to continue to attack them and push for their ultimate demise. The woke mafia has destroyed the companies that they once worshiped and now they seek to destroy them once and for all. But how did they destroy them? Through their vile actions and attacks.

Conservatives became fed up with their actions and decided to move on. Other companies are reaping those benefits. Other personalities are reaping those benefits. As the radical woke mafia continues their march toward destruction, their cancel culture actions will continue to destroy each and every platform that they worship. As they call for censorship and removing users, users will continue to flock elsewhere.

Americans are sending a clear message to the woke mafia. They are tired of the cancel culture and the division that they are spreading. They can continue to try to force us into the nation they want to create through their sick mindset, but Americans are not having it. Little do they know that their attempts are leading to their ultimate demise. 

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Biden is Race-Baiting Our Supreme Court

Biden is Race-Baiting Our Supreme Court

January 30, 2022

For over a generation, our nation has taught that everyone, regardless of race, deserves a shot at success. But folks, in an instant, President Joe Biden has dismantled has turned the tables - this time, limiting his pool of candidates to make good on his campaign promise of bringing an African-American female to the Supreme Court.

What you have here is reverse discrimination. During his presidential campaign, Biden claimed from coast to coast that he would be the "Great Unifier" and ensure that African Americans get a fair shake at the American Dream. Folks, Joe Bide, and the rest of the Democrat Party could give a rodent's rectum about minorities in this country. What's more, by stating that only a black female would be considered by his administration for congressional nomination for The Supreme Court, he is saying that all other races, genders, and other demographics are unqualified for this job.

Like so many millions of Americans, I was raised on ethics and good works bringing reward. But imagine the guilt and shame that many African Americans today should feel? Is this Supreme Court nomination about work, ability, or merely skin deep?

There are certainly qualified possible nominees that identify as African American - but instead of bringing these names forward for consideration, Joe Biden again Race Baits our nation, pits whites against blacks, minority classes against themselves to make it seem that he and only white men of today's liberal and social democrat party are not racist. This is disgusting and repulsive - even for liberals.

Biden needs to correct this wrong and bring forward nominees based on their academic achievements and career accolades, and let this UN-RACIST country of ours, led by our elected leaders, pick the worthiness of the next Justice of our Supreme Court.

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Republicans must not bail out Joe Biden in 2022

Republicans must not bail out Joe Biden in 2022

January 22, 2022

Joe Biden took to the news cycle this week in an attempt to sell Americans on his first year. He wants everyone to believe his first year was a success. Ask Americans, and they will tell you a different story. 

He has claimed success for things that others have done. All the while, Biden has yet to accomplish one thing for himself. The pandemic continues. Inflation continues. Jobs are not coming back like he promised. His version of "Build back better" looks more like a trash heap than anything. 

But he insists he outperformed expectations. Based on his approval rating, it's clear that the Americans who fell for his campaign lies expected much more. 

That's why Democrats are launching into their new plan. Find a win anywhere they can possibly find one. Scaled back bills, local elections, and getting support from local leaders to help win people over that Biden is actually doing something good. Americans will not fall for it. 

The most important concern is the Republicans, however. Republicans in Congress cannot fall for what the Democrats are going to do. There is NOTHING that Joe Biden can accomplish without Republican help. He is a failure without them. Let him continue to be a failure. 

They must not cave to any of these reduced bills, spending measures, election measures, etc. Let Joe Biden suffer because of his empty promises and his lies to the American people. Let him continue to be a failure. Do not bail out Joe Biden in 2022.

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It Is Called An Epiphany

It Is Called An Epiphany

January 15, 2022

This past week, freedom won a significant battle as the Biden Administration was dealt a significant blow by the Supreme Court, which ruled that the federal government's COVID-19 vaccine and testing mandate for private businesses was unconstitutional, and overstepped the bounds of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. 

While this ruling was a victory for conservatives, it cannot overshadow the evil that Biden and his fellow liberals continue to conjure within the halls of Congress. Democrats continue to attempt to put an end to the Senate filibuster to nationalize elections, a strategy that would ensure continued fraud, and an unstoppable sequence of events that would bar any future Republican president or congressional majorities. 

Biden and the Democrats’ plan advancing in Congress would massively increase opportunities for election fraud, further erode confidence in our elections, and deliver an irreversible victory for the radical left.

what are Biden and his liberal comrades cooking up in Congress? Well according to Mike Pence, states would be forced to adopt universal mail-in ballots, to provide same-day voter registration, online voter registration, easier voter registration through motor vehicle department offices, and a minimum of 15 days of early voting. Duplicate voter registration records would abound, states’ voter-ID requirements would be dramatically weakened, and anyone, including undocumented people, who simply signed a sworn written statement claiming to be eligible to vote would be permitted to do so. The opportunities for voter fraud would explode.

While many of the promises that Biden made during his election campaign has faltered, I consider many of these to be lost battles, but the war rages on. Democrats, under the Biden Administration, will not stop until they can ensure an American future, rooted in eternal demise - forgoing any counter-conservative fight for freedom. 

In 1994, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos created an online platform that would manifest and epitomize American greed and impulsiveness. In less than a decade, Americans could order what they why wanted, when they wanted it, and have it delivered to their doorstep with little to no effort involved. 

Biden-led liberals want to model American institutions like our election process, exactly the same, in which there is little to no effort to cast your ballot. There is no standing in line, there is no verification process, there is nothing but the click of a button, and your ballot, or ballots, are cast. 

Everything bought and sold online is ripe for fraud. Every year, the FTC investigates billions and billions of consumer fraud within a system designed to satisfy our consumer demand. Personal information is stolen in an instant. Simply put, our greed is responsible for misery. 

Many Americans today want everything they can get, but without the work behind it. We expect to have what our neighbors have, and if we cannot afford or obtain it, we expect others to provide. We expect that it is the government's responsibility and role to pay our mortgages if we cannot - send our kids to school and college, pay our utility bills, and send us monthly deposits into our checking accounts so we can buy whatever we want.

Our Founders warned us of a strong federal government, it is up to us to heed that warning before it is too late. 

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When did feelings and a radical agenda become law of the land?

When did feelings and a radical agenda become law of the land?

January 8, 2022

The Supreme Court heard the arguments about the Biden mandates on Friday. I really should probably say the Biden decrees. One had to do with the OSHA mandate that affects over 80 million Americans. The second involves those who receive federal funding and a vaccine mandate for them to continue to receive such funding.

When the justices were asking their questions, it was clear that the liberal justices were only interested in asking questions that stuck with the liberal agenda and worked on the feelings of those involved.For example, Justice Kagan said, “We all know what the best policy is. I mean, by this point, two years later, we know that the best way to prevent spread is for people to get vaccinated and to prevent dangerous illness and death is for people to get vaccinated. That is by far the best.”

Perhaps she has not seen the news that COVID vaccines are not preventing the spread of COVID. They will not prevent someone from contracting the virus or spreading the virus. It is an outright lie of the Democrats to say that the vaccines will do this. Dr. Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden have both said this and it is a lie. 

Each liberal justice ignored the law, approaching the subject from the same perspective. That feelings and the radical agenda usurped the law. 

They certainly did not talk about how the CDC ruled just this week to allow healthcare workers to work WITH COVID in facilities to help with staffing. If the spread was such a risk, why are we allowing people to work with COVID? It's because it is about the vaccine agenda, not COVID. 

But the problem is that the case before the Supreme Court was not about COVID at all, but an overreach of federal agencies and their power. Some questions were asked about that, but in general, the liberal Justices ignored the topic and thought preferring to rule on feelings and an agenda. 

The hurt feelings and radical agenda are not supreme law of the land. They do not trump the Constitution or laws passed by Congress and the Supreme Court cannot make new laws from the bench. They exist to hold actions in our nation within the bounds of the Constitution and laws passed by Congress. The actions of the liberal justices on Friday were sickening and prove that the radical justices have no desire to protect the law of our land. 

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Choose freedom for 2022

Choose freedom for 2022

January 1, 2022

One year ago, America was stronger, was safer, and had a promised future under the leadership of then-President Donald Trump. Today, Americans are more uncertain about their futures and that of their families. The COVID-19 pandemic that Joe Biden criticized Trump over is even worse today than a year ago. For Democrats, there is no incumbent Republican President to attack; instead, now, it is the anti-socialists they so vehemently despise.

This past week, I came across a social media post of a past church congregational member of mine from year's past. In her liberal-laden rant, she publically chastised and ridiculed the non-vaccinated members of our community for her daughter contracting COVID. A teenager and fully vaccinated, her daughter was diagnosed and suffered COVID during the Christmas holiday break with a booster to boot. Her mother was letting it be known that it was the fault of the unvaccinated as to why her daughter was sick and was having to endure a horrible Christmas holiday. You heard me right; in typical liberal fashion, you are either with them and comply with their demands or against them - hell has no fury like a liberal scorned.

Being an unvaccinated person, I hardly shared this young child contracting and even transmitting COVID. I wasn't going to sit idly by and accept responsibility for something I, nor any member of my family, were accountable for. During my exchange with this troubled individual, who just so happens to be employed within the public school system, I was attacked on my stances on not only COVID but gun rights and abortion - both of which were not even remotely associated with the topic at hand - her daughter being sick. This supposed educator stated that the federal government's role was to interfere with public policy during an emergency, which quickly had me retort with a 60-second history lesson.

The role of our federal government, is detailed as minute in nature per the US Constitution and our very precious Bill of Rights, which protects our God-Given Freedoms from being trampled on by the federal government. Like so many plaguing the minds of our nation's youth, this disagreeable educator refuses to believe in the facts and instead firmly considers that thousands of federal tyrants in Washington DC have the legal right to dictate our everyday lives.

Our federal government has no right to dictate how you, me, or someone else chooses to live. Yes, we have established laws, and if broken, there are penalties for such. As explained in the gospels, I do not believe in lawlessness but free will. If you choose suitably, you will live well. If you choose evil, you and those around you are destined for doom. As we prepare to ring in the year 2022, it is this mentality that we must all fully understand. Look at what your federal government has done to you over the last year, or 2 1/2 years, for that matter. You cannot afford to survive; the dollar in your purse or wallet is worthless with each passing day. You cannot afford groceries, eat out, pay for education or healthcare, gasoline in your vehicle, and all the while, the government demands more from every one of us.

Just this week, it was announced that under Biden's Building Back Better mentality, any transaction that exceeds $600, which includes apps like CashApp, Venmo, and Zelle, will automatically report to the IRS. Not only goes Uncle Sam or Daddy Biden, for that matter, want to know how much you make, but also how much you spend or deposit into your bank account. Because the meek, lazy, and dependent in this country refuse to take accountability for themselves, they have opened the door for today's Democrats to take charge.

How many out there listening today chose to be a member of the conservative crusade so desperately needed for not only this year but for a generation to come? America needs you - our country needs your fight, commitment, and zeal to overcome and undo the failed policies of Joe Biden and his liberals. For 2022, I chose freedom - who's with me?

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Don’t let Biden and Fauci Steal Christmas

Don’t let Biden and Fauci Steal Christmas

December 25, 2021

Christmas has been under attack for two straight years now. This year, Anthony Fauci said that you should stand at the door of your home and police family for their COVID vaccines.

You can take a COVID vaccine if you want. That should be your choice, and it should not come between you and your family for a holiday meal or gathering. Grandma and Grandpa should not be at the door asking to see vaccination cards before allowing their grandchildren to enter. Priests should not be policing the doors of church services. 

That is not the spirit of Christmas at all. But that's what Fauci and Biden have attempted to make Christmas this year.

There is more interest in promoting the vaccine passports to enter and exit from events than there is in promoting the reason that we are celebrating Christmas. We celebrate Christmas that our Savior was born and would end up being the sacrifice for the sin of the world. We are not here to celebrate Fauci and his development of a new coronavirus that continues to mutate. We are not here to celebrate members of Congress and government agencies profiting off of COVID vaccines.

We should be celebrating with family, spending time fostering relationships, and building memories. But it seems that is not possible in the Biden White House. Staffers are frustrated with the regime's level of control and their lack of ability to drive change. But that's the exact plan of Biden and the radical left. They want to control everything. 

We cannot let Biden and Fauci steal Christmas. We must remember what the season is about and not let them have control over the messaging, celebration, the reasons, or anything else. 

No matter what Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci want to say, they cannot take the place of Christmas and the reason for Christmas away. 

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A Communistic Christmas?

A Communistic Christmas?

December 18, 2021

Close your eyes for a moment and reminisce about your life just a short 11 months ago. Where were you? Where was your therapy? Were you and your spouse employed? How about your kids, were they in school? Were they vaccinated? Were they able to participate in extracurricular activities and engage in athletics?

How about your gas tank? - could you afford to fill up the family car? Did you have enough food - do you now? How about those groceries prices - have you and your family had to cut back on what you eat or remove items from your shopping list? Do you feel safe? Ever look out your front window and wonder if you and your family are at risk for crime? What about riding down the street, going to the bank, or even shopping during the holidays? Do you feel as if you are at risk?

What about America's stance in the world today? Are you anxious about international politics or the invasion of our country by undocumented or illegal aliens - some of which are documented criminals or terrorists? And what your future - do you believe yours and that of your family's is better today, December 18th, 2021, before January 20th?

Ok, open your eyes - as wide as you can. And if anyone listening today firmly believes that their lives and that of their loved ones are better today under the leadership of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party - then folks, 2022 ought to be interesting.

For four years, unemployment was non-existent, the cost of living was stable, and the future was bright for all Americans, especially minorities. Now, under the same old dumpster dive policies of today's Democrat Party, many Americans have lost faith in their president, their state and federal leadership, and the communistic push and pull that is tearing our nation apart.

Our country deserves better and had better. Look at the damage that Democrats have done to our country.

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