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Building Back to Broke

Building Back to Broke

May 21, 2022

Historians indicate that in September of 476 AD, the greatest empire ever to rule the earth ended. The Roman Empire was one of the greatest and most influential civilizations and lasted for over 1000 years. But you see, what many people don't know is what caused it to fall. No, believe it or not, Joe Biden wasn't alive back then - but you see, the corrupt principles and absolute disregard for practicality and corrupt political policies led to Rome's destruction. 

For generations, Rome was engaged in wars across its vast empires, stretching its military resources so thin that it opened to invasions. 

During these exact times, Rome suffered financially, hemorrhaging money and overspending in the wrong areas - oppressive taxation and inflation had widened the gap between rich and poor through the government's influence on free-market economies and trade. As a result of the increased tax, many businesses within Rome, who were the employers and financiers of the Roman government, fled the empire's confines to escape the government's oppressive financial onslaught. 

During Rome's expansion, slave labor was the driving force of manufacturing. But, as military resources emptied and the government overspent and neglected its true purpose, Rome's workforce was depleted. The final blow to the Roman economy was the direct result of other empires that rose that disrupted Roman trade throughout the world. 

Why do I tell this story - very simply put, today, America is in a severe and purpose-driven Democrat decline. Our president and our government have manifested the fall of this great nation. What's worse is that many in our country, but sheer ignorance or lack of caring, are too blind to see just how bad the blows of Biden and his Democrat Party are. 

Since taking office, I have preached that liberal policies will kill our nation, and you know what, I was right. Like so many other conservatives, we know what works and what doesn't for America. A free-market economy, low taxation policies with limited government spending, and global interference keep America safe and prosperous. 

The old saying goes, when in Rome, do as Romans do. But I'm here to tell you that America needs to understand history, for if not, we are doomed to repeat it. Leading up to his fall in 476 AD, Romans let their government overstretch and overspend their country into despair, and in 2022, if we do not take back the country, we too, as Americans, will suffer the same fate. 


The radical Left continues to lose their minds!

The radical Left continues to lose their minds!

May 10, 2022

The radical left continues to lose their minds over the Roe v Wade leak. Protests are happening across the country at government facilities, churches, and the homes of some of our leaders. 

Supreme Court justices are seeing protestors attempting to bully them to change their support of overturning the law. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is seeing protestors wanting to push her into investigating the SCOTUS justices. For what purpose, doing their job? 

What’s happening is a fine line between issues that our Constitution does address. Abortion is not protected in the Constitution anywhere. In fact, the Constitution says that life is protected and that the free practice of religion is protected. Yet, that’s just what the radical left wants to eliminate. 

They are actively working to eliminate children’s lives. They are baby killers and they are on a mission to end millions of more lives before they are even given the chance to take part of this world. If they can’t kill their babies, they want to force you to change your religion to accept their views. Even though law and Scripture align on the issue, it goes against the convenience that the radical left is seeking. 

Conservatives and Christians must be prepared for what’s to come. Going into the fall elections, the radical left will only continue to ramp up their pressure and campaign for power. They want to end our existence over their desire to kill others.

Elon Musk is not a conservative

Elon Musk is not a conservative

April 27, 2022

It is time for conservatives to stop pretending. Everyone wants to celebrate Elon Musk buying Twitter. Sure, he is a successful business man and we should celebrate the free economy working for someone but lets face the facts: Elon Musk is not a conservative. 

Even by his own admission he is a socialist. Not an AOC style socialist, but a socialist nontheless. He has shared he favors censorship of extreme ideas, but not of differing ideas. What does that mean? Most likely not a lot of changes for those who are conservative overall. Their opinions and views are seen as extreme by moderate views. It could mean more censorship on extreme left wing views, but it seems highly unlikely. 

Conservatives have been flocking back to Twitter, but Musk has publicly attacked alternative networks, including Trump’s own Truth Social. So why are we acting like Musk is a conservative. We should not fall for the trap. 

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It’s time to stop pretending: the radical left hates conservatives

It’s time to stop pretending: the radical left hates conservatives

April 17, 2022

Earlier this week, Press Secretary Jen Psaki made headlines for another statement about Fox News and Peter Doocy. She and the administration tried to play it off. She issued a half-hearted apology, simply pushing the blame elsewhere. It was similar to the same thing that Joe Biden did when he referred to Doocy as the same thing. What happened was an insult to Doocy's intellect, but we have to be honest. Are we shocked?

For years, the radical left has been attacking conservatives at any chance. They have called us stupid, racists, and bigots. They have celebrated when a Republican is shot, calling them fascists. They have called for the exile of conservatives and to remove them from society. 

It's time to stop playing games. The radical left is not interested in unity, being the United States of America, or any involvement with Conservatives. So why are Republicans acting otherwise?

We continue to see the Republicans around the country pander to moderates. They want us to believe that by being moderate they can win an election. They want us to believe that they can save America through their soft stance as it is more appealing. It's time to stop pretending and take a firm stance on what being an American really is. 

It's time that we take a firm stance and let moderates choose. It's time to stop pandering to the 3% of society that the radical left wants us to. Take a stand for truth and what's right, and let the moderates choose. Either they are for America, or they are for its destruction. It's time to stop playing like everyone loves this nation and wants to see it progress in unity and "love." 

The radical left hates us and we need to come to that acceptance and start focusing on the things that made America exceptional. We need to return our focus to freedom, faith, and family once again. Those are the things that matter. Put America and all the things she stands for first and foremost, and leave the pandering at the door. 

Churches across America are failing in their mission

Churches across America are failing in their mission

April 9, 2022

This week, another church made a horrible decision. It came out that First United Church in Oak Park, Illinois would fast from whiteness for Lent. Lent is a common tradition where something that is valuable in life is given up in order to draw closer to God. 

Except the very act that this church is doing is going against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus did not teach for the church to leave anyone out based on color, but that is exactly what this church is doing. In fact, if the church had been doing what it should have been doing for hundreds and thousands of years, we would probably not be having this conversation. 

Instead, we find ourselves in the middle of churches who are more interested in playing woke social politics than they are in accomplishing their true mission: to spread the gospel. 

The church in Oak Park wants to wear this as a badge of honor, but it should be a badge of disgrace. This is not sharing the love of God, the mission of the church, or anything in between. This is pandering to social causes that the church should not be doing. It is time for churches across America to get back to their true mission. They need to focus on spreading the gospel and sharing the love of God. 

Liberal lies during the Lenten Season

Liberal lies during the Lenten Season

April 2, 2022

This week, as a deterrent and deflection of the utter mess imposed upon our world and nation due to the totalitarian regimes of Biden and Putin, the left-wing media machine continues to distort the truth intentionally. The purpose of which is to drive not only a deeper divide between our people but to keep us away from God and the teachings we should all be reflecting upon during this Christian season. 

As Ukraine, but specifically, its people continue to fight for their right to life and liberty, here at home, Joe Biden and his left-wing minions of liberal lunacy strive in every way to disembowel the heart and soul of American nationalism. Ever since the end of World War II, the American liberal elites in this country have distorted the truth in their teachings that nationalism is terrible and ultimately leads to Hitler-like action. 

This utter nonsense and the ultimately inner workings of a systematic process of today's liberal machine to ensure that our country bows to the ever demands of the Democrat Party. 

Since last Sunday's dismal Academy Awards Program, the left-wing media machine has blasted their opinions of the "Slap Heard Round the World," citing Will Smith's physical assault of Chris Rock during a verbal exchange to include comedic jokes against Smith's wife, Jada. Folks, let me tell you; I could care less about this Hollywood nonsense - for there are more important things happening across the world and in our own country than a bunch of overpaid, diapered movie screen stars hitting and verbally assaulting one another. 

Our nation's inflation rate continues to spiral out of control. Millions of Ukrainian refugees are fleeing their homeland; North Korea is shooting new and improved intercontinental ballistic missiles, gasoline remains at $4.20 a gallon, Democrats are warning of a COVID resurgence, and Vladamir Putin has become boxed-in with only a nuclear option as a last result. The world sits on the brink of a global conflict, and a blabbing, buffering buffoon in Joe Biden continues his pathetic reign as our nation's commander-in-chief. 

During our season of Lent, a time when we should be coming together to celebrate the return and rise of our Christ, we are asked to turn a blind eye to the invasion of our country from illegal immigration, the financial ruin of our country in favor of upsetting those wish to engage in un-Godly principles and poor jokes. 

We have exchanged our way of life; the moral compass now points inward instead of out - no more does helping one another seem as exciting as fulfilling one's desires. Joe Biden and the Democrats have duped so many, which is frightening that this is just the beginning. 


Over the next two weeks, as we await and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who paid the ultimate price for our sins with his death; I ask, where are you now in your relationship with God? Where are you with your relationship with your spouse, family, co-workers, and community? COVID is not to blame for our continual and spiritual decline. Instead, as we celebrate the life of our Christ over the next two weeks, we should reject the liberal policies that neglect his teachings and get back to the pride we once had as Christians...and Americans. 

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The media’s protection of Joe Biden the racist

The media’s protection of Joe Biden the racist

March 26, 2022

Joe Biden is a racist. There is no other way to look at it based on what is happening in our country right now. From his past race baiting conversations to his current actions with the Supreme Court, he is a racist. 

You see he is celebrating the win in his promise to nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court. He claims it as a victory for blacks across the country and a way to help fix racism. The same racism that led Joe Biden to block a black justice’s nomination and prevent her from being a Supreme Court nominee in the early 2000s. 

Janice Rogers Brown was well on her way to being nominated to be a Supreme Court nominee, but Joe Biden said her nomination would be a “very, very, very difficult fight and she would probably be filibustered.” He voted against her twice to put her on the court of appeals. Why? There’s no reason, except that she was not a liberal justice and that he is a racist. 

Time and again Biden has been given a free pass. The mainstream media has the opportunity to hold him accountable, but they fail to do so. They would rather distract with the war in Ukraine. They would rather Americans be focused on petty things here at home, not realizing the failure and racist that their own president really is. 

It’s time to stop giving Biden credit and start holding him accountable for his failures. The only thing he has ever done for Americans is take their money to live his own lavish lifestyle. 

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Beware of Biden’s war

Beware of Biden’s war

March 12, 2022

The pains of war are real - ask the 2.1 million Ukrainians who have fled their homeland and the over 2-million displaced across the country due to Putin's conflict in Ukraine. As our Christian brothers and sisters endure death and despair, Americans here at home fear their financial security as gasoline and grocery prices continue to soar out of control. The new problem? Joe Biden and the asinine clowns of his administration do not know how to handle the ex-KGB madman of Vladimir Putin and his inner circle. 

What is quite clear is that Putin does not care about Americans and cares even less about both the Ukrainian people and those who die below the flag of his own country. The increased body count is irrelevant, and in fact, Putin is for every soul perishing as long as his dream of Russian reunification is complete. 

Because of Biden's ignorance, our country is less secure than it was just three weeks, three months, or a year ago. There isn't one global leader that believes what he says or the muscle his administration flexes across the world's stage. 

Putin's plan is more than just Russian reunification; it is to embarrass the United States, and like the Germans and Japanese two generations ago, aim to bring our nation into another World War. The United States is not prepared for a showdown with Russia this time. It is even less minded for a joint engagement against the Chinese, which will undoubtedly, align with Putin's U.S. military involvement. 

In the late 1930s, due to Hitler's aggression in Europe, Winston Churchill daily begged then-president Franklin Roosevelt to get involved and join the allies against the axis powers in World War II. It would take two years after the German invasion of Poland and the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor before American boys and men suited up and headed to the beaches of France, Italy, and the islands of the Pacific.

Even Roosevelt knew that our nation was not prepared without direct provocation and lacked the will to fight in yet another global conflict. Ladies and gentlemen, while I cannot stomach the mass atrocities occurring every hour across Ukraine, I, like so many others across this nation, do not wish for a war with Russia. But, I am here to tell you our President and those within his liberal circle are preparing for just that - and the price of such a decision will be too much for many of us to bear. 

For over twenty years, the United States has expanded NATO alliances across Europe and intentionally put the military squeeze on Russia. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the United States has fought a proxy military installation war against Russia in countries like Poland, Romania, and Estonia - setting up missile deployment and defense systems, which in the eyes of Putin, threatened the sanctity of his people and his power. 

In October 1962, the Soviet Union did just that, placing nuclear missiles 90-miles off the coast of Florida, citing they were merely a defense to American aggression. In a T.V. address on October 22, 1962, President John F. Kennedy notified Americans about the presence of the missiles, explained his decision to enact a naval blockade around Cuba, and made it clear the U.S. was prepared to use military force if necessary to neutralize this perceived threat to national security. Many people feared the world was on the brink of nuclear war following this news. However, disaster was avoided when the U.S. agreed to Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev's offer to remove the Cuban missiles in exchange for the U.S. promising not to invade Cuba. Kennedy also secretly agreed to remove U.S. missiles from Turkey.

Flash forward 70-years, and we are now perceived as hostile aggressors worldwide. The United States has deliberately armed allied nations such as Ukraine, Romania, and Poland and dared the Russians to sit back and take it. I don't blame Putin for his hesitancies' however, in no way does that mean I support his one-way mission to kill the innocent and takeover another sovereign nation. But I do ask, what would today's American response be if Russian nuclear missiles resurfaced in Cuba, or perhaps Venezuela? Would Biden and the new war hawks in Washington consider war against Russia for such a move? 

The past week, Ukrainian President Zelenskyy has begged for American planes and missiles to defend their country. But you see, ladies and gentlemen, Vladimir Putin does not care about the pilot's nationality. Still, if he or his generals see an American flag on the side of an F-15 as bombs are dropped on his soldiers, he will counter in like fashion. 

The significant difference in this showdown from 1962 is the sheer number of nuclear weapons in the hands of Russia, which is around 4,500 when compared to 1962, the Soviets only had about 20 ICBMs capable of reaching the U.S. mainland. Since 2018, American military contractors have stagged hypothetical war games involving a US-NATO war with Russia, and the death toll surpassed 1-billion. 

Joe Biden has killed our nation's domestic solvency and financial security, and now, he and his inner circle look to destroy our country on a world stage. Ladies and gentlemen, the pain at the pump and the grocery store is just the beginning. Since our nation's founding, Presidents and their administrations have looked to war to cover up and attempt to pull their nation out of financial ruin. As Biden-led inflation consumes us all here in America, do not play into his policies to lead our nation into another global war. 

The United States is a stronghold of peace - we have but two allegiances to God and provide our people's safety and security.  

The time is now - what will our response be - but more importantly, who do you trust at the helm? 

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Everything was better before Joe Biden

Everything was better before Joe Biden

March 5, 2022

Since the threat of a Russian invasion started in Ukraine, it seemed that many across the world ignored it. They wanted to ignore that Russia was lining troops along the border of a sovereign nation and threatening to take it over. Governments across Europe fell for it. Our American government fell for it. It even seems from recent statements that China is skeptical of Russia’s action. Russia believed they would overthrow Ukraine within just a matter of days. That was until the amazing leadership of Ukrainian President Zelensky. This guy, who doesn’t come from a political past, stepped up and has been leading his people like a true leader does. This was not about politics for him. This was not about money, power, or anything else. This was about this nation and its freedom.

Through all of this, there are key lessons that we need to pay attention to.

First, Russian President Vladimir Putin appears unphased, unchecked, and certainly not scared of any sanctions or potential actions that anyone may take against him. He’s heightened nuclear warheads for battle, threatened action, and taken casualties and war losses unlike many have seen in decades in war. Yet, he continues on. He has a goal and a mission. He has threatened about allowing others to join NATO and the EU amid his invasion. He has a checklist, and he is going through that checklist.

The second lesson is that the actions in Ukraine have had far reaching consequences across the world. Oil prices are surging. Costs of other goods are surging. Russia essentially has the rest of the world in an energy chokehold. Yet, no one is doing anything about it. US President Joe Biden has yet to ban anything from Russia. We are still allowing purchase of their goods. We are still allowing import of their oil. We banned their flights over our airspace, but how does that punish the tyrannical actions of Putin? It punishes the Russian people, who continue to speak out against his actions.

The biggest lesson has to do with leadership. We are seeing the results of weak leadership across the world. Joe Biden and European leaders did not see Putin’s actions as a threat. They did not believe he would act or do anything in this situation. Yet he did. They threatened sanctions, he just secured deals outside of those. They threatened to stop his development, but he already had them dependent on his oil and natural gas. Rather than leading our nation, Joe Biden has left it for state leaders to determine if they will block Russian items from being sold. Yes, governors are having to act to block Russian products because our worthless President and his puppet Vice President are more interested in playing games rather than actually leading.

Instead of leading, inflation continues across the nation. Gas prices continue to soar with Biden having no plan for how to address the coming $5 per gallon gas. He has no plan to address the surging energy prices that are coming, the continued food and product shortages that we are experiencing. His only plan is to continue to argue that you are better off now than you were, you just can’t see it because of COVID. It is easier to see, we were much better off before Joe Biden. 

In 14 months, Joe Biden has completely destabilized our world and our economy. He has taken a thriving nation and pulled the rug out from under it. Instead of having visions of a prosperous future, we now have to be concerned for the safety and security of our tomorrow. Everything was better off before President Joe Biden came along.

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US Liberals have led Ukraine to slaughter

US Liberals have led Ukraine to slaughter

February 27, 2022

let it be known that the power of the human spirit is mighty. This week, the country of Ukraine has fought hard for its land and its survival. Led by their President Zelensky, the Ukrainian people, young and old, everyday Nykolai's, to famous athletes alike, the Ukrainian people have taken to arms to tell the largest assembly of military force since World War II that their land and their freedom is not for the taking.

Folks, many worldwide didn't give Ukraine a fighting chance; heck, some around the globe said that Russian forces would take the country in 24-48 hours, and yet, here we are four days later, and the desire and war for freedom rage on.

But for all you are listening today, take notice, and heed the global response of what is happening to Ukraine and its people. The West, led by The United States, has sold out another Eastern ally.

The end of the Cold war saw Ukraine emerge as the third-largest nuclear power of the time, thanks to the vast leftover arsenal of the Soviet Union. About 5,000 nuclear arms, long-range missiles that carried up to 10 thermonuclear warheads in secret underground locations - Ukraine had it all. And overnight, led by internal agreements spearheaded by countries like The United States, Ukraine gave them all up - the only country in history to do so.

The promise from the US and the West? - we will keep you safe from Russia. And now, we see the result of what happens when countries trust our weak, liberal leaders and us. This week, we have led the Ukrainian people to slaughter - and as they fight Russians in their streets, Joe Biden is playing let's make a deal with weak, ineffective sanctions that will have more detriment to our domestic economy and the Russian people than it will on Vladimir Putin.

Folks, President Putin has a personal net worth of over $200-billion and sits on the world's 8th-largest oil reserves. To boot, the United States, even as these sanctions and introduced and as bodies lay dead in the streets of Ukraine, continues to import roughly 10-percent, or over half a million barrels of oil from Russian every day. That's right, Putin is getting a payday from the United States thanks to Joe Biden and his Green New Deal buddies in Congress who demolished our domestic output of oil and gas and made us wholly dependent on the Putin's of the world.

Let it be said that Vladimir Putin does not care about the financial security of his people - heck, if 189,999 of the 190,000 soldiers in or near Ukraine perished as a result of this conquest, he wouldn't hesitate to claim Russian victory. For you see, unlike Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin and his vision, while wrong and unjustified, is clear.

This week, Ukrainian President Zalensky called on his countrymen and women to fight the Russian forces. The Ukrainian government handed out AK-47s and ammunition to anyone wishing to defend their homeland. You see, unlike liberals in the United States, the need for guns and ammo are real - they combat the dark forces of internal and foreign governments who wish to forfeit freedom.

Let this be a wake-up call to citizens of The United States and the rest of the world, do not sacrifice your freedom. Do not give up the security of your land by forfeiting your weapons for when the chips are down; you cannot depend on governments of the West, but especially the United States, for protection.

This week, many have stated that this Russian aggression is just the start of things to come - a possible prelude to World War 3? In part, I agree. You see, Communist China is sitting in the background, monitoring the advances of the Russian Army and Putin, but more importantly, the West's response.

There is no doubt that the residents of Taiwan sit in doubt - should the Chinese Army invade their land, would the West help, or like in Ukraine, turn a blind eye to another nuclear power. Folks, I am not advocating American soldiers in Ukraine fighting against Russian forces. No, that would all be sure to lead to a global conflict. Instead, to expose how America has lost its standing in the world. We are liars and traitors to our word to our allies. After the first Gulf War, we left the Kurdish people to slaughter Saddam Hussein. In Afghanistan, we left those who fought and protected our forces to be killed by The Taliban. And now, we leave a defenseless country to be overrun and annihilated.

Despite their sell-out, unlike Joe Biden and his hiding in the basement, the Ukrainian people and their President choose to fight for their freedom. May God be with them. But, folks, let me be clear when I say that the United States has grown weak in the one year of Joe Biden's presidency. We all see that here at home, and so do Russia, China, and Iran, and if there ever were a bandwagon to take out the United States, these three countries would lead the charge.

Perhaps that is Putin's real goal here. Sure, he wants to reaffirm Russia and take back lands previously a part of the old Soviet Union. But make no mistake, today's war is drastically different than in World War 2. Many more global movers and shakers as a result of global economies. Too much American dependence on dictatorial and oppressive regimes. And the scariest is too many madmen with nothing to lose and everything to prove with itchy triggers fingers that could send a hellish display and dismay of nuclear arsenals that could leave America on her knees.

This week, The Cold War returns to the world. Although a Democrat by design in the 1950s, President Kennedy had the fortitude to stand up against the Soviets when nuclear weapons were just 90-miles off America's shores. But flash forward 70 years to the weakest President in our nation's history, and that ladies and gentlemen could lead to our demise. And that should be enough to scare anyone.

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