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Biden‘s gifts to America

Biden‘s gifts to America

September 4, 2021

As the bodies of 13 dead Americans returned home in flag-draped caskets for a heroes remembrance, the commander in chief gets caught on national television continually checking his watch, as if to illustrate that somehow, this process needed to speed up, or perhaps this somber time or pomp and circumstance was keeping him removed from his favorite day T.V. show or mid-morning nap. 

Americans' longest-serving war has now come to an end. As Afghanistan and those left behind remain in a state of uncertainty and trepidation due to our chaotic retreat, our enemies eye the demise of American global superiority. This week, North Korea's Kim Jong Un announced the restart of its nation's nuclear program. The Taliban and China formally declare each other "trustworthy friends," and the Ayatollah in Iran is growing impatient with an unsigned atomic agreement, as they are testing U.S. sanctions with their sending of shipments to Syria. 

All across the globe, American adversaries are preparing to test the American resolve. All around the world, the United States is seen by many of its allies and adversaries as weak. Under the command of a bumbling, tired old man, America far less safe, and her allies worry that they too will suffer the price of America's cut-and-run campaign. 

Here at home, our nation has endured a catastrophic hit by a natural disaster. Over 45 Americas are now dead, and from Louisiana to New England, homes are destroyed, cities are underwater, and the President is clueless. Some places like Grand Isle and New Orleans will be weeks or even months before normalcy returns. Power and road systems are destroyed, increasing food and gas prices all up and down the eastern seaboard. 

COVID-19 infection rates among both the vaccinated and unvaccinated continue to rise. As healthcare systems and hospitals reach their highest rates ever, school systems close yet again for in-person instruction. It would appear that Joe Biden has lost his creative control over the country, and with each passing day, it is clear, the White House has no clue, no course, no path to combat the virus, or to preserve the American "way of life." 

In all of the darkness that lay before the Biden and the Democrats, there was one event this week that brought back hope to America. The Supreme Court ruled that it will not block Texas' abortion law which prohibits most abortions after six weeks, and went into effect on Wednesday. With a conservative majority on the Court, this most certainly lays the groundwork for a possible overturning of Roe v. Wade. 

All conservative justices, minus the turnout Chief Justice John Roberts siding with the liberals, failed to block the new Texas abortion law and will now trickle down to states like Mississippi and Florida who eye similar legislation. The law in Texas says doctors cannot perform abortions if a heartbeat is detected, an activity that starts at around six weeks before many women are even aware they are pregnant. 

The irony out of all of this is today's liberal logic concerning masks and the killing of the unborn. Today's Democrats use the heath and safety of others, and the government's right to mandate health policy only applies to mask-wearing. Public policy trumps " my body, my choice " for those who wish not to wear a mask or submit to the COVID vaccine. But for those who want to kill their unborn child, privacy is a must - the government doesn't have a right to dictate what someone can or cannot do with their body. It doesn't make a bit of sense. 

America better return to faith and freedom, for sooner rather than later, we all will feel God's wrath. For too long, we have defiled the wishes of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and look where we are today? A deeply divided nation, desperate to pander and even more to politicize policies that go against God. Our enemies will soon be upon our nation's shores once more. Our economic prosperity is but paper-thin; our fear is misdirected, and for those who look to the leadership of a tatter and tired old man playing President, this is your warning. You better get real and get right with God because there is nothing ahead for you but agony under Joe Biden. 

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Biden’s Blunders And Body Count Has Just Begun

Biden’s Blunders And Body Count Has Just Begun

August 28, 2021

In less than two weeks, our nation will recall and remember the day when state-sponsored terrorism threatened American safety. The 20th Anniversary of the attacks of September 11, 2001, was to be recognized as a day when our nation suffered a significant loss but bounced back better than ever, defeating Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and hold those responsible for the massive attack that left near 3,000 of our people dead.

For over 20 years and over $2.2 trillion spent, many would say we are no better off than we were on 09/11. Pundits argue that our military men and women died in vain, and their lives were cut short for absolutely nothing. But  anyone who says such things should be on the first flight to Kabul - they should stand in the waist-deep wastewater outside of the airport and see the fear and terror in the eyes of the soon-to-be left-behind Afghans who genuinely desire to be free.

During the Obama Administration, our nation turned weak. In the eyes of the world - both among our allies but especially our enemies, America was nothing more than a paper tiger. Even with the killing of Bin Laden, the seed of American hatred has spread well beyond the borders of Afghanistan. Now, terrorism threats had expanded to places like Syria, Yemen, and the continent of Africa.

For 8-years, American foreign policy was nothing more than paying our enemies not to attack us. Countries like Iran took billions of dollars in payments, snubbed their noses at us, and used their Obama cash payments in their proxy wars in the Middle East against the U.S. and Israel.

During the 4-years under President Trump, our nation was safer under his "America First" campaign. We rescinded and shattered liberal foreign policies and agreements that weakened our resolve across the globe and made a return to military greatness. Sure, we may have pissed off the French and Germans, who for too long took advantage of our pathetic panderings and politicking. But for four years, we made clear to the world, and especially our enemies, that any attack on America will be suicide, not only for you but for anyone like you within the 1-mile blast radius of the Mother of All Bombs.

But now, under the misdirection of President Biden, America has returned to a defeated state. We are the whipped dog of the world, and our miscalculations have resulted in unnecessary deaths. What's more, is instead of paying our enemies not to harm us, we have newly equipped their war efforts with billions of dollars left behind. U.S. guns, rockets, armored vehicles, and helicopters will most assuredly be used to harm us, our allies, and the innocent Biden will leave behind after his fictitious withdrawal date.

Mr. President, America, under our faith in God, deserves a return to greatness. It is clear you cannot and will not fulfill this reality - it is high time you remove yourself from our political system and take with you all that blindly follow your belligerence of broken systems. As our nation lay eyes on those 13 bodies draped in American flags, may their names and their legacy haunt you all the remaining days of your life. For the rest of us, we can only pray that we do not soon join the newly departed due to your continued recklessness and undoing of American Greatness.

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Afghanistan’s Aftermath Await’s America

Afghanistan’s Aftermath Await’s America

August 21, 2021

It took just 6-months for Joe Biden and his administration to turn America into a pathetic paper tiger on the world stage. As the nations of China, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Syria are dining in delight at our failed democratic initiatives in Afghanistan, from here forward, America's word, its bond, because of Biden, will be forever broken.

As helicopters rescued members of our embassy in Kabul, the people of Afghanistan took to the burning of documents, women ditched their jeans for burkas, and girls went into hiding to keep from being raped and sold into slavery. The Taliban reenergized and re-equipped with American Blackhawks, AR-15s, Humvees, and armored vehicles, return to the capital to cause destruction and chaos - a promise and prophesy fulfilled due to a failure of an American president.

For more than two weeks, Sleepy Joe has bobbed and weaved from questions regarding the chaos across Afghanistan - as Biden hid from the media in his basement, American allies and our brothers and sisters combating global terrorism hid for their lives.

But, Biden remains steadfast in his decision of desertion - telling his once good pals in the liberal media that there was no other way - trillions of dollars spent training the Afghan army, and thousands of brave American lives lost. And after 20 years, and Joe's ripe age of 78, he, and only he reserves the right to call for pulling of the plug.

Joe Biden, like his liberal predecessors, and those with who he has worked so closely, is incapable of a lot of things - understanding global affairs is sadly one of them. Let us not forget that President Biden is the protege of another failed Democratic foreign policy know-nothing puppet in Barack Obama, who paid evil nations like Iran not to attack Americans. At the same time, they continued to increase their nuclear capabilities and instigate their proxy war against the nation of Israel.

Not since the Vietnam War has our nation seen reports of brave men and women who lost limb and life and loved ones and fellow soldiers sink into deep despair. Media pundits have asked many who have served in Afghanistan, what was accomplished by America's Global War on Terrorism - as if to say, was it a wasted effort? Was all of this for not?

Joe Biden doesn't know a thing about sacrifice - heck; he couldn't sacrifice cutting his vacation short of addressing the American people while Afghanistan fell to terrorists. The sacrifices, strides, and successes made by the United States military will not be forgotten, their lives not forsaken.

We must not let Biden use his basement for refuge to hide from actions. Instead, we are to demand answers for what this muppet of a man has done and undone, not only for the people of Afghanistan but also here at home. We are to seek the truth above all else, demand accountability, hold responsible those whose actions have caused destruction, but above all else, thank those, the brave men and women who led the fight, sacrificed so much, especially those who gave all.

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Welcome to the Bankrupt States of America

Welcome to the Bankrupt States of America

August 12, 2021

Why Democrats today are speaking of what $4.5 trillion will buy, I want you all listening today to know what $4.5 trillion looks like. 

The thickness of a single one-dollar bill measures .0043 inches - so $4.5 trillion of them, stacked on top of one another, equates to 305,397 miles. This is the distance between the earth and the moon. In the area, $4.5 trillion $1 bills are near twice the size of the state of New Jersey. And the length of $4.5 trillion $1 bills would equal four trips from the earth to the sun. And finally, assuming it would take 5 seconds for an American to spend $100 shopping, it would take 7,132 years to spend $4.5 trillion. 

This  is what 4.5 trillion dollars looks like. But for Democrats, $4.5 trillion looks like this:

Expanded Medicare as well as healthcare funding for dental, vision, and hearing. Free childcare for the poor and free college education initiatives, as well as transforming the country's energy system to address climate change needs or what liberals call "The Green New Deal."

Just listen to some of these amounts:

  1. $726 billion to fund universal pre-K for 3- and 4-year olds for the poor.
  2. $332 billion for affordable housing for the poor.
  3. $198 billion for clean and renewable energy initiatives for "The Green New Deal."
  4. $135 billion to reduce carbon emissions under the guise of reducing forest fires for "The Green New Deal."
  5. $107 billion to fund immigration and implement and reenergize "The Dreamers Act."
  6. $67 billion for low-income energy sources and "greener" materials.
  7. $37 billion to electrify all federal vehicles - including those beautiful rides of the pathetic postal service.

Of all this garbage and wasteful spending, the only legitimate funding is the proposed $18 billion to build and expand the buildings servicing our nation's veterans. Consequently, Congress has set aside just a fraction of money to support our nation's heroes' mental and physical well-being compared to other areas. And that chaps my backside. 

This isn't a 4.5 trillion dollar investment to improve transportation and business and commerce operations across our nation. No, no, no, it is a 4.5 trillion dollar reinvestment into the pathetic patrons of today's Democratic Party and the pet projects they have promised to continue their re-election campaigns across the country. 

This ought to scare every American - the fear is real, and the financial ruin ahead for the United States is right around the corner. But you know what, folks, do you know who conservatives really should be blaming? It isn't so much Joe Biden, AOC, and other today's liberals who have not shied away from what they planned to do. Instead, we need to criticize and publically shame the 19 Republican senators that made this devilish Democrat dream a reality. 

We are talking about Senators such as:

  1. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
  2. North Carolina Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis
  3. Wannabe Republicans Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine

And finally, Mitt Romney, who wouldn't know conservativism if it slapped across the face. 

I am all but sure that none of these 19 Republicans read the thousands of pages of legislation contained in either one of these infrastructure bills. For if they did, senators like Lisa Murkowski would have known that part of this legislation requires the selling of some of our country's domestic oil reserves. 

As for my senators here in my great state of North Carolina, Thom Tillis and Richard Burr, both of whom voted in support of this insane and asinine infrastructure bill, their days are numbered. Thank the good lord Burr is vacating his seat at the end of his term, and for Tillis, he will not have the coat-tails of Donald Trump on his subsequent election to send him back to D.C. 

Nothing but the total collapse of our country is ahead. Trump read the tea leaves, and the liberals cast him out. As conservatives, we either dig in or prepare for Democrat-led destruction. The choice is yours - but time is about up!

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Americans are allowing a theft of their freedom

Americans are allowing a theft of their freedom

August 4, 2021

On Tuesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that starting in September, people will be required to prove they've received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine to eat indoors, visit gyms, and go to theaters. Local government will violate the civil liberties and personal protections of free citizens for what they call the "common good."

What is the "common good?" Is it the 98% survival rate of a virus of unknown communist origin? Or perhaps it is the failed previous vaccine initiative conjured up by liberal politicians and business executives. Or maybe, and more consequentially, it is the efforts of the new Biden-led communist regime hellbent on conformity and total socialist submission to bend people to their will.

For over a year and a half, today's liberal communist party has monitored just how much the American People will tolerate, from mask mandates to shutdowns of our nation's churches, schools, and workplaces. Their research proves that freedom can be bought for 100 bucks, free beer, and lottery tickets for some Americans. But for others like myself, who have refused the COVID-19 vaccine, not for the medical significance, but for my right to choose. For as a society, if we roll over and accept and admit defeat under a federal government that was never intended to rule over its citizens, where does it end?

Perhaps it ends on what books we may read or what television stations we can watch? Maybe it is what we can wear or what and where we may gather? After all, today's liberals and their supplied minions spread across social media companies already censor free speech across their platforms. And not let us forget that just this year, Americans were banned from worshipping and attending schools, all in the name of the "common good."

We have been sliding a slippery slope for over a year and a half now - and with no visible end in sight. The communist crossroads ahead for us lead our nation into despair, no matter the direction we take. Either we comply and follow the liberals blindly down a path of economic and societal suicide. Or we give up and succumb to power.

The choice you and your fellow Americans make today will have lasting impacts and implications. Choice wisely.

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A Nation of Useful Idiots

A Nation of Useful Idiots

July 31, 2021

Today, many in our nation desperately want to be a part of something much bigger than themselves - no matter the cause. Sense of self means nothing, and rather than taking a stand for individuality, today's liberal mass movements mandate obedience to the reason, and in turn, end up stripping the identity of its membership. You are either all in, or you are not, and if you are not, hell have no fury like a liberal scorned.

Look around; many Americans are in awe of the immediate rise of the counterculture in our country, from ANTIFA to BLM, to now the surge of cancel "anything" conservative culture mainstreamed today by all liberal-infested markets. From media to schools and universities, today's counterrevolutionaries have one goal in mind, to destroy everything that has made our nation great, and replace it with a failed, Marxists system that will never work and has never worked across the globe.

Today's Democrats know that even though they have substantial political influence and power, they need the help of the desperate and the disenfranchised to act upon and disseminate their crap across the country. Enter the "useful idiots," the liberal-fascist foot soldiers plucked and placed for a purpose within the United States whose aim is to brainwash and indoctrinate current and future generations of warped-minded minions to carry on their anti-conservative culture.

Many Americans today are lazy, feeble-minded, and want something for nothing or a lot of minimal effort. They want pay rises for no increase in productivity; they want free college, healthcare, and housing. They do not care how they receive these benefits, and for that, today's Democratic Party have promised to pacify, guaranteeing, and giving the grumbling everything they want but haven't earned. And what is most frightening is, liberals will spend into oblivion to give "their people" what they want - no matter the financial cost or ramification.

Democrats know this and have masterfully manifested mass movements and subcultures to include and invite every fringe member of society whose wants exceed their worth. By duping the dumb and ignorant into a massive campaign of idiots is the new Democratic Party way. Just listen to some of the comments made by liberal legislators and governors across the country.

The government will do this for you, and do that for you is today's Democratic mantra - but even Democrats know they cannot fulfill these promises. And rather than admitting their liberal lies to their movement members, they ignite further debate amongst the group, continue to demand total allegiance, dare anyone to break ranks, or criticize the collective. Suddenly, members of the masses lose their identity and almost willingly walk cluelessly into the midst. The cause, the group, and the party mean more than anything. This is Marxism!

Before long, folks, self-respect and discipline vacate the minds of the party membership, and before long, nothing is too radical. Desperate people will act desperately - and if not controlled, will create laws to restrict people, fences to house them, and killing fields and crematoriums to murder them.

Today's hot button issues are just what Democrats want today - deceive, divide and eventually conquer. And before their massed movement membership or others across the country realize, they are left lied-to and defenseless to stop the communist cog machine that will rape our Republic and its citizens of individuality and freedom.

How long are you willing to wait before it is too late?

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A Return to the COVID Circus

A Return to the COVID Circus

July 23, 2021

This weekend begins the commencement of 2021, which should have been the 2020 Summer Olympic Games in Toyko, Japan. For the last several weeks, the liberal media has spearheaded a movement to all but call for the cancellation of the games as the city of Tokyo sees a rise in COVID cases, for what today's liberal medical scholars link to the new Delta variant.

Let's take a look at the Tokyo Games, for example, which are taking place in a city that has seen over 853,000 cases and just a bit over 15,000 deaths. That's right - a mere 1.7% death rate. According to liberals, there is a massive outbreak across the city of Tokyo, and as a result, Olympic officials have not entirely ruled out a cancelation of the games.

When I first heard this Thursday morning, I stood in awe at my television screen. On Good Morning America, after George Stephanopoulos and Micahel Strahan glorified the NBA Finals win of the Milwaukee Bucks and the 65,000 screaming people outside the stadium, they mention the handful of Olympic athletes barred from it competition over their new COVID diagnosis.

What I find fascinating is that all across the globe, new Delta variant infections continue to skyrocket among vaccinated individuals - that is, of course, everywhere but The United States. The liberal political narrative here at home is that the unvaccinated are leading to the spread of the Delta variant. Still, in the UK, infections among vaccinated individuals continue to climb.

Today's Democrats operate in fear. For African Americans, it is to fear the police. For children, it is to worry you, teacher. For most else, it is to fear accountability. And for everyone, it is to fear anything that doesn't originate from a socialist-scripted agenda.

Biden, Pelosi, and the rest of his political posse know exactly how Americans respond. Incentive everything, reward mediocrity, and subdue as many as you can along the way to their hopes of a socialistic regime. But you see, Democrats are the scared ones, for they act and operate so that they will politically weaponize dang near anything to bend and demand obedience.

Joe Biden knows his term is nearing the toilet. Rather than taking accountability for putting our country in the crapper, he wants to reignite the ole' COVID culprit as the reason our nation will never move forward. But you see, I and countless other conservatives in our country know this game all too well. We saw it play out live for a year and a half, and we are not going to sit by this time by the president's communist clowns eradicate our Great Republic.

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It’s All About the Politics

It’s All About the Politics

July 20, 2021

Paul Hodgkins was sentenced for his actions on January 6th at our nation’s Capitol. He was one of thousands at the Capitol that day and pled guilty to a felony charge of obstructing an official proceeding. He was entenced to 8 months after prosecutors sought 18. But what’s different about his case than many others going on around our country right now? 

Specifically, the Antifa and Black Lives Matter events. All of these events have resulted in deaths, destruction, and multiple crimes being committed. If a crime has been committed, it should be punished. Instead, we see judges throwing these cases out right and left. These terrorists are getting away with things that shoudl never be happening. 

While the left wants to call what happened on January 6th an insurrection, the actions of Antifa and BLM are truly insurrections. The difference is that these groups share the same initiatives as the Democrats. They seek to destroy our nation. They want to overthrow freedom and establish communism or socialism as they like to call it. They are not fighting for change and equality as they claim. It’s all a cover for an attempt to overthrow what it means to be American. 

The question now becomes where will the Democrats stop in their pursuit of punishment for anyone that differes from them. They have already called for a registry for Trump voters. Is there anything to stop their attempts to jail anyone who opposes them? 

Perhaps it’s a good time to remember the words of our founding fathers from many decades ago. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government…”

The only difference in Hodgkins situation and the others is the politics. It’s not about being American anymore and pursuing the American values. For the radical left, it’s all about the politics. 

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What happens when Biden’s bubble bursts?

What happens when Biden’s bubble bursts?

July 14, 2021

The United States is on the precipice of the most extensive financial collapse our nation has seen. The inflation rate is now the highest it has been since 2008. We all remember that time, or we should. During Obama, The global financial crisis of 2007–2008 was the most severe worldwide economic crisis since The Great Depression. That is, until now. 

The COVID-19 global pandemic most assuredly has brought distress across all worldwide markets - that point is understandable. Over the last year and a half, we have seen every country across the globe attempt to battle and overcome this virus and the chaos and distress it brought along with it. 

During a time of crisis, Democratic Party lawmakers, pushed by the Biden Administration, would have Americans believe that the answer to their burdens and prayers would be to increase federal spending, and in turn, paying people to do nothing. All the while holding crippling businesses hostage, who now will bear the immediate financial burden of financing more liberal lunatic spending. During the unveiling of Democrats' 3.5-trillion spending bill, a loophole of federal legislation that will allow today's liberals to use their power to bypass Senate oversight, Biden stated that his massive spending would be paid for by increasing corporate tax rates and taxing the wealthy. 

Americans today, all of us, are paying more for every product and service. According to the Fed and the most recent CPI inflation report, prices rose across the board in June. By a lot. According to an article in Forbes, overall, prices in June climbed 5.4% year-over-year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), and 0.9% over the past month, the biggest monthly gain since June 2008. Even when you strip out volatile food and energy prices—so-called core CPI inflation—prices rose by 4.5% year-over-year, the most significant such gain since November 1991. If you all remember, that was another American recession due to post-Gulf War, when employment numbers struggled to regain strength. 

Along with the short-sighted Federal Reserve, Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats are in cahoots, with all of them speaking from the same mouth. But I'm here to tell you that they better find one that works if they are all sharing a brain, for you cannot continue to state that things will get better by spending more and hiding behind why Americans are not able to return to work.

Americans today can find work if they want a job. Due to Democratic Party spending initiatives, both federal and state, there is no incentive to work. From coast to coast, Americans continue to be rewarded for absolutely no effort. For a year and a half, folks have not been mandated to pay their mortgage or rent payments, free rides on power and utilities, un-Godly stay-at-home unemployment, and never-ending free this and free that. Medicaid/Chip enrollment has also increased by 9.3 million or 13.1%. 

Across the nation, housing costs have skyrocketed, over nearly 13%, which accounted for 1/5th of the inflation in June. Used car and truck prices leaped 45.2% over the last year, while car and truck rental costs skyrocketed 87.7%, the Labor Department reported. Here are more increases according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics:

Gasoline - 44.5%

Moving/Storage - 17.3%

Motor Vehicle Insurance - 11.3%

Furniture - 8.6%

Appliances - 5.8%

Food and Grocery - 1.5%

Under Biden's watch, it costs more to survive. But have no fear, under the Democrats' plan, only the wealthy making more than $400,000 a year will pay more, right? You remember Joe Biden's promise during his campaign. Let me tell you how this is all going to go down. 

While Joe Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer target big businesses with the financial burden of their spending bills, let me tell you, companies also have a plan. That plan is to immediately counter their increased costs bypassing those expenses directly to their consumers, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is called "indirect taxation." 

The fact is this: if Biden and the Democrats increase taxation on large companies, you know the ones that employ millions and provide services such as food, fuel, housing, retail, transportation, and utilities, every American, regardless of income, will pay more. As the cost of living increases, businesses will become burdened with increasing their paid employee wages, further increasing the cost of products. All the while, Biden and the Democrats will look to improve poverty assistance programs like Medicaid and CHIP, which will put an even more federal financial strain on our nation. And round and round we go. 

Within a year, this will be the new America. The big banks that gave money for overpriced houses will find their customers defaulting on their upside-down loans as housing prices plummet. Those who haven't paid a mortgage payment in 18-months will see those banks immediately calling for payment, which they will not have. Anyone still in an adjustable-rate mortgage will see their rate swell, leading to immediate foreclosure. 

You have all been warned - the writing is firmly on the wall. We are all witnessing the collapse of our country. Remember, you heard it here.

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No one is buying what Joe Biden is selling

No one is buying what Joe Biden is selling

July 10, 2021

Earlier this week, Joe Biden announced that he was going to take new initiatives to get Americans to take the COVID vaccine. His solution, to launch a door to door campaign and force employers to give paid time off to get the vaccine. Yes, the President wants the American government to start a door to door sales business. 

It’s a strategy that quickly came under scrutiny. The House Freedom Caucus quickly called the strategy door to door spying. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said that it was enticing, coercing, intimidating, pressuring and mandating a vaccine on the American people. 

But are Americans really buying what Joe Biden is selling? All that he has told Americans are lies. So far, he has been a horrible salesman. 

Each time he takes on these government pressure tactics, it is just another conditioning exercise. It’s conditioning the American people to accept government force and oppression. But Americans are smarter than that. Or they should be. They should see right through this poor sales pitch. 

This does not stop at just a vaccine. He’s tried to force economic packages on the American people, by saying that they need it. He claimed that he was not radical in the debates, but has done nothing but deliver radical policy and radical policy since becoming president. That certainly is not a way to build any credibility. 

Americans should be free to decide if they want to take the vaccine or refuse. The forcing of Americans and the removal of freedom is what we would expect out of communist countries, not the United States. Biden would brag about his accomplishments, but there’s been few of those. 

It’s a horrible track record for a salesman. But what would we expect from a man who has a horrible track record for decades in Washington. He’s just in the middle of adding another title, horrible salesman, to all the other failures of his political career. 

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