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Time to get back to normal

May 18, 2021

It’s been well over one year since the coronavirus pandemic swept the world and caused chaos across our nation. Businesses were forced to restrict their services or shut down. People were told to cower in fear, behind masks and distancing themselves from others. We were all told it would never be safe until a vaccine was here and herd immunity was present. 

One year later, enough vaccine exists to offer to all Americans who want it. The CDC has relaxed its guidance. Restrictions across states are scaling back and the number of cases is falling dramatically. Even states that were told rolling back restrictions was “Neanderthal thinking” have seen cases fall to record lows. Those who are getting sick, are not as severe as cases once were. Yet, we are still not back to normal. 

It all starts at the top, with a President who is threatening American citizens. He threatened them to get a vaccine or live in their masks. Yet, the cases are not there. He said that those who refuse to get the vaccine will pay the price. That’s not getting back to normal, that’s more fear mongering. Then in Congress, Speaker Nancy Pelosi extended the remote voting through July for House members. That comes after the CDC relaxed guidance for those who have had the vaccine saying its safe to gather indoors together. All of Congress was offered the vaccine rather quickly and all took it who wanted it. 

While the Democrats scream that the people of America are suffering financially because of the pandemic, there really is no reason for it. Businesses across the country are looking for workers, but no one wants to work. The radical left wants us to believe this is because there are just not enough workers. It’s hard to believe that is the case given we just had record low unemployment a year ago. It seems more likely that they are enjoying their unemployment, which has been extended until near the end of the year.

If we are truly getting back to normal, why the expanded benefits? Why are we not encouraging people to go back to work? Why are we not asking businesses to get back to 100%? What is happening before our eyes is a dangerous situation. Inflation is on the rise and the policies of the Democrats are making things worse. If we think things were bad before, we better get ready. There is no doubt that the radical left is already hard at work on their next “pandemic.” 

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