The Closet Conservative Podcast

The radical Left continues to lose their minds!

May 10, 2022

The radical left continues to lose their minds over the Roe v Wade leak. Protests are happening across the country at government facilities, churches, and the homes of some of our leaders. 

Supreme Court justices are seeing protestors attempting to bully them to change their support of overturning the law. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is seeing protestors wanting to push her into investigating the SCOTUS justices. For what purpose, doing their job? 

What’s happening is a fine line between issues that our Constitution does address. Abortion is not protected in the Constitution anywhere. In fact, the Constitution says that life is protected and that the free practice of religion is protected. Yet, that’s just what the radical left wants to eliminate. 

They are actively working to eliminate children’s lives. They are baby killers and they are on a mission to end millions of more lives before they are even given the chance to take part of this world. If they can’t kill their babies, they want to force you to change your religion to accept their views. Even though law and Scripture align on the issue, it goes against the convenience that the radical left is seeking. 

Conservatives and Christians must be prepared for what’s to come. Going into the fall elections, the radical left will only continue to ramp up their pressure and campaign for power. They want to end our existence over their desire to kill others.

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