The Closet Conservative Podcast

Promises Made Promises Broken

February 27, 2021

Joe Biden promised the world as he ran for office in 2020. He made bold statements about how President Trump should not start be using military action. He said he would use it as a last resort, until he took office. 

He said that President Trump’s tweets were harmful and abrasive. He said they incited violence and were not becoming of a government official. But now, he is fighting for a position for someone who has not only said horrible things on Twitter, but also physically assaulted a journalist and violated someone’s privacy. 

He did similar things with the coronavirus vaccines, fracking, and the economy. Time and again Joe Biden has said one thing, but done another. Time and again, he continues to prove that he has no interest in being the President of all Americans. He is only interested in being the President of those special groups that can help him and play to the heart strings of those who can help him win in the push for his socialist agenda. 

Music courtesy of Greg Shields Music.

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