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In a Biden Economy

October 16, 2021

If you have stayed in a hotel, filled your gas tank, went out to dinner, or shopped online, you have seen just what Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have in store for America. No, these insane delayed shipments and increased expenses are not just the cause of the coronavirus. Instead, it is basic economics - something that Ole' Joe and his mail-order businesses degree earner comrades like AOC fail to comprehend. As a nation, the burn is just getting started.

In September, the consumer price index, which measures changes in how much Americans pay for certain goods and services, rose 0.4%. Since Biden ravaged the Oval, America will continue to face high inflation. Here are a couple of markets that have seen the most significant increase in prices since the summer:


  • Rental cars: 42.9%
  • Gas: 42.1%
  • Used cars: 24.4%
  • Hotels: 18%
  • T.V.s: 12.7%
  • Furniture: 11.2%
  • Meats, poultry, fish, and eggs: 10.5%
  • New cars: 8.7%
  • Appliances: 7.1%
  • Electricity: 5.2%
  • Restaurant prices: 4.7%
  • Rent: 2.9%

Today's liberals are good at costing Americans a buck and even better at passing it, avoiding all accountability, and keep playing the same ole' blame game when in doubt. But here is the bottom line, ladies and gentlemen, due to Democrat stay-at-home paychecks and bailouts that entitled millions of Americans not to work, businesses are bleeding from a lack of skilled labor. Shipping costs have soared due to a lack of port workers and professional and commercial truck drivers. It costs more for a company to manufacture, and as a result, all Americans will pay more for everything. 

With Biden's vision of increased taxation of American companies, the result will be, they will either raise their prices and employ far less of our country's men and women, or they will fold their domestic operations in favor of new, international homes. We have seen this play out before - but never like we are about to. 

Currently, the government sector is hiring like never before - with even smaller growth in the private sector. But, that isn't to say that both Main Street and Wall Street aren't looking for workers; they cannot compete with the continued government subsidies for people to do absolutely nothing. 

Meanwhile, in mainstream America, you, I, and the millions of hardworking men and women in our country attempting to better ourselves and our families are paying the ultimate price. Across the nation, wages were less than inflation, resulting in less in your pocket than what you have to spend to survive. 

Let me key you all in on the idiocy of today's administration. Immediately upon arriving in The White House, Biden forced the closure of the XL pipeline, but for the last two months, he and his minions have been begging with the world's OPEC-nations to produce more oil? 

In August, just one day after the U.S. Senate voted to approve a massive $1.2 trillion "infrastructure" bill loaded up with incentives, mandates, subsidies, and slush funds designed to stimulate the buildout of electric vehicles (E.V.s) and renewable energy in the U.S., the President wants the rest of the world to pump more oil. 

Joe Biden has no clue, folks, about anything - I would honestly say that pulling down his boxer briefs daily is quite the chore for the guy. Today's Democrats have only one vision for our country, total government dependency for every American. In 2 years, we have forfeited our freedoms and our domestic dependence on God and ourselves. Instead, we have put stock in socialistic programs that bring nothing but an uncontrolled and unraveling debt that will destroy the solvency of our nation to the point of no return. 

With Biden-led initiatives to hold American companies responsible for their frivolous and pet-pandering spending projects, American dependence on foreign companies, especially Biden's partners in China, will most assuredly increase. Biden expects American business to bankroll spending - and in the end, fewer jobs will result, prices will rise, and everyone will pay!

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