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As the President goes, so goes the nation

March 20, 2021

On Friday, Joe Biden took a stumble as he walked up the stairs to Air Force One. Many on the mainstream media chose to ignore it. They certainly didn’t ignore walking issues when Trump was in office or the fact that Biden made fun of him. 

While there’s no one that would wish ill will on Biden to fall and be injured, the incident is pretty ironic to say the least. There’s an old saying that says “as the _____ goes, so goes the ______.” In this case, as the President goes, so goes the nation. 

Our nation is on a direct path down, just like Joe Biden. We are in the middle of multiple crises. We have our border crisis, international crisis on several fronts, and a moral crisis in several areas. 

Without quick, corrective action, our nation will go down for good. 

Music courtesy of Greg Shields Music.

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