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Americans are finally canceling cancel culture

February 5, 2022

Over the past few weeks and months, we have seen a radical shift in the cancel culture mindset across our nation. What used to be a radical left movement to cancel anything against their agenda, has turned into an American movement to cancel the cancel culture. Americans are sick and tired of the ridiculous attempts to eliminate anyone that may have an opposing viewpoint on a matter.

Take for example the situation with Joe Rogan. It started when Rogan had COVID and decided to go against the experts. The radical left could not tolerate someone that did not want to go with the propaganda and tell everyone to submit to their agenda. Rogan said he used treatments the experts said were questionable. They worked for Rogan.

The woke mafia could not stand it. They could not let it go. Rogan saw how they attacked Marjorie Taylor Greene, Donald Trump, and conservatives each and every day. He responded by moving to Gettr. It set the woke mafia off and they started working even harder to cancel Joe Rogan. They want Spotify to cancel him for words he has used. They want to have his podcasts labeled for the things he says. He is square in the eyes of cancel culture. 

As the woke mafia continues their march against all their societal enemies, what is happening is the exact opposite of what cancel culture wants. Americans have grown tired of their incessant attacks and cancel missions. They are fighting back. 

Facebook is already seeing the effects of its wokeness in their recent numbers. Their users are declining. Their profits are declining. People are leaving the platform as they are tired of the woke mafia. That is not stopping the woke mafia though. Now they are attacking Facebook. 

They do not see how their actions have already destroyed the company. The company is on the decline, and now the woke mafia wants to continue to attack them and push for their ultimate demise. The woke mafia has destroyed the companies that they once worshiped and now they seek to destroy them once and for all. But how did they destroy them? Through their vile actions and attacks.

Conservatives became fed up with their actions and decided to move on. Other companies are reaping those benefits. Other personalities are reaping those benefits. As the radical woke mafia continues their march toward destruction, their cancel culture actions will continue to destroy each and every platform that they worship. As they call for censorship and removing users, users will continue to flock elsewhere.

Americans are sending a clear message to the woke mafia. They are tired of the cancel culture and the division that they are spreading. They can continue to try to force us into the nation they want to create through their sick mindset, but Americans are not having it. Little do they know that their attempts are leading to their ultimate demise. 

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