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It really is all Joe Biden’s Fault

It really is all Joe Biden’s Fault

December 10, 2021

On Friday, mainstream media finally reported what we all knew: inflation is rising and becoming a problem across the country. It was actually up 6.8% in November, a significant increase. It's the highest it has been in nearly 40 years. 

But rather than actually placing the blame where it belonged, the mainstream media began to start saying we need more stimulus. They believe we need more child tax credit. We need more government bailouts and more government spending.

Those are the exact reasons inflation is on the rise. Failed policy is the reason that inflation is at a near 40 year high. But don't tell the mainstream media that. 

They do not want to admit that the blame for everything falls on the shoulders of Joe Biden. It is not the blame of demand, American workers, or American spending. It's to blame on Joe Biden and failed policy. 

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What pays in today’s Biden Society

What pays in today’s Biden Society

December 4, 2021

It pays to be a criminal in today's Joe Biden society. That's right, being a criminal in today's America pays and pays well. Take a look at what occurred this week in Los Angeles if you don't believe me - today's youth are engaging in smash-n-grab robberies of small businesses up and down the streets of downtown LA. And although the LAPD announced the arrest of at least 14 individuals as of Friday, you can be dang sure that their punishment will be light or non-existent.

Most of these 14 individuals arrested are minority offenders. Regarding race or upbringing, especially in today's liberal-led lunatic society, criminals are the victims and should be coddled and cared for, not convicted.

Please take a look at Darrell Brooks, who mowed down over 60 innocent people, killing 6 with his vehicle in Wisconsin in late November. After spending just ten days in jail, he now feels "dehumanized" and labeled unfairly as a monster.

This man ran over people attending a parade deliberately - to take their lives with absolutely no regard. Brooks' mother blamed Wisconsin's criminal justice system for failing her son, a longtime felony with a 50-page rap sheet detailing domestic violence, firearms, drugs, and other offenses.

Instead of correctly calling her son for what he truly is, a criminal and a deadbeat murderous monster, it is the fault of society and the fault of his skin color that led to him engaging in murder. Ladies and gentlemen, this man is also a convicted and registered child sex offender - and why this pay continued to walk the streets of America is an absolute disgrace - but instead of holding a man accountable for his action, it is the alligator tears of asinine liberals in today's America that are saying the system, not the suspect is to blame.

And the craziness doesn't just lay at the lawless; it also falls at the feet of the lazy in this country. But folks, it starts from the top. Look around - people aren't homeless; they are jobless. Anyone who wants a job can get a job; the problem is, Joe Biden and the rest of his pacifying posse have made it there. It isn't a requirement to be responsible.

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Will we have a nation to be thankful for next year?

Will we have a nation to be thankful for next year?

November 27, 2021

The Biden regime used Thanksgiving as a reason to celebrate and promote its "accomplishments" this year. They wanted to claim that Americans were better off this year than they were last year under President Trump thanks to COVID vaccines and the American Rescue Plan. But the information was completely filled with lies and misleading information.

The first item was in regards to unemployment, where they claim that Biden has reduced unemployment. They conveniently leave out that many states were still under restrictions last Thanksgiving. Americans were unable to work in many instances if they wanted.  In the second item, they talked about COVID vaccines. They claimed that less than 1% of Americans were vaccinated last year while 71% are this year. But the COVID vaccines were not approved to be administered until AFTER Thanksgiving last year. 

The rest of the items had to do with the economy. They boasted in increased GDP, restaurant and bar sales, and retail sales. They again failed to mention the closed businesses that reopened, or the fact that massive inflation is driving higher sales also. They want to ignore that Americans are paying nearly double for gasoline this year and 50% more for groceries this year. 

Americans are not better off under Biden's agenda than they were a year ago. In fact, they are losing money under Biden. A significant amount of money. All while Biden promotes that he is redistributing wealth across the country. Americans should be thankful that the 2022 midterms are coming and that we can stop Biden's agenda in its tracks. Because if we don't, we may not have a nation to be thankful for next year. 

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Where is Christ among Challenges

Where is Christ among Challenges

November 20, 2021

On March 10, 1943, under the orders of Adolf Eichmann, one of Hitler's architects of the Final Solution to the Jewish Question, railcars began rolling into the country of Belarus. The purpose? To transport all of the Jews of Bulgaria to the Death Camps of Treblinka located in German Occupied Poland.

Bulgarian police began to round up Jews - going door-to-door as early as 3 in the morning. They were taken at gunpoint. Jewish collection centers were located in schools and other community centers. There was one problem, though - The Bulgarian People.

You see, when the train cars began to arrive, the Bulgarian people united to save the Jews of their country. Although they did not know the Bulgarian Jews' final destination was to the death camps and gas chambers, some rumors had circulated the cities and towns. The Bulgarian Church led the opposition to the deportation of the Bulgarian Jews.

If the Church allowed the Jews to be deported, they would have violated their obligations, the Rev. Boris Halapia stated. The word, WE MUST HELP. The whole Orthodox Church of Bulgaria came together - and sent a letter to the King, begging mercy for the Jews of the country. The Church also told the Chief of Police that they would not accept the mandate to deport the Jews from the country and would do anything possible to hinder the deportation efforts.

Church followers began to arrive at the centers, and they told the frightened Jews that they would not let anything happen to them. Crowds protested across the country; the Church printed thousands of forged Baptismal certificates for Jews, risking their own lives. The falsification of faith - saved lives!

It would take several months before Jews would return from hiding to their homes - much to the dismay of the Nazis. Hitler was furious. In a meeting with King Boris, he demanded the deportation of the Jews - Hitler went into a rage, King Boris recalled. Screaming; and going into a tirade, King Boris described - but Boris didn't surrender, not one inch.

Boris told Hitler that Bulgaria needed the Jews for labor projects. Hitler did not believe the King, but he didn't want to lose an ally. He finally bought what Boris was selling and agreed, but only if all the Jewish men were relocated from the cities to labor camps.

Some 20,000 Jews were indeed moved from the cities to the countryside - but not one of them outside the borders of Bulgaria. The deportation of the Jews of Bulgaria never took place. As a result, Bulgaria was the only country in Eastern Europe whose Jewish population remained the same throughout the Holocaust. It was known as The Miracle of the Jewish People Among the Jews of Bulgaria.

This miracle was never made public immediately following World War II because the Soviet Government suppressed it - sound familiar? And Why? Because Communist Soviet Regime didn't want the credit of the rescue of these Jews given to a monarchy and The Church - both of which are enemies of The Soviet Union and communism. It would take the fall of The Iron Curtain in 1989 for this to finally become known.

Folks, why do I tell this story? Is it because I am indeed a history nerd? Perhaps. But more to the point, I want to share that people can do many things when they come together for a common purpose. We are those people. As conservatives and challengers to our country's communistic push and pull, we are charged to protect what so many before us died to preserve.

Granted, we are not coming together to save a race or population from mass murder and extinction. Instead, we are here to preserve the American way of life - that has been being attacked from within our borders. We now live in a society where we allow hundreds and thousands of tyrants in Washington DC to tell us how they think, believe, and parent. We sit back and buy into a system that government, not God, knows best.

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Americans should not fear their congressional representatives

Americans should not fear their congressional representatives

November 13, 2021

One congressional representative said that he actually contemplated and thought about shooting Americans this week. While Adam Kinzinger may be a Republican in title, he is anything but a Republican in action. He made the comments during an interview with Rolling Stone. 

Kinzinger was talking about the events of January 6 when he made the statement that he spent 6 hours in his office “hunkered down.” He said that he was contemplating shooting Americans during that time, and that’s a problem. 

Americans should not live in fear of their congressional representatives. There is absolutely no reason that an American should have to worry about being shot or killed by their own government. But it’s sad because we actually have to think that way now. 

Our government is responsible for the deaths of people in Benghazi, Afghanistan, and even Ashley Babbit in the Capitol on January 6. To be honest, the Democrats and fake Republicans like Kinzinger are responsible. They have created a situation where Americans have to be concerned their government is out to kill them. 

If you are not willing to accept their absolute rule, accept what the Democrats are willing to give you, and tolerate their tyranny, then they just want to eliminate you from society. They have no issue putting up a fence to keep you out, or shooting you. 

The American government is by the people and for the people. It seems that this group in Congress needs that reminder from the American people. 

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Conservatives were right about defunding the police

Conservatives were right about defunding the police

November 6, 2021

For several years, we have been told that defunding the police was a bad idea. Progressives and mainstream media argued that the police were racist and that systemic racism could only be addressed by eliminating the police. But apparently, Americans do not agree. 

The voters in Minneapolis said that they did not want to eliminate their police. It was not a slim majority, either. Americans believe in the police. They believe that law enforcement plays a vital role in American society. But that did not stop the mainstream media from sharing more propaganda. 

Then there was a school district in California that voted to reinstate their school resource officers. A recent event near the school led them to say that student safety was more important than pandering to progressive fake social justice causes. 

It's a shame we got to this point. The left wants to argue about bad examples, but there are bad examples everywhere. Just look at Congress and you can find hundreds of bad examples, yet we are not attempting to establish term limits. 

It's a shame we are at this point, but it's a situation of I told you so. Conservatives said this was a bad idea from the beginning. We said that violent crime would increase and that they would regret the decision. 

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Tiki torches and a crumbling agenda

Tiki torches and a crumbling agenda

October 30, 2021

The left wing agenda is crumbling before our eyes. After seizing control in the last election, Democrats promised a lot of things to Americans. Yet, they are failing to deliver. All across the country we are seeing Democrat failures, but especially in Virginia. 

In a state that is reliably left-wing, we see that Americans are telling the Democrats they are not interested in what they are selling. So much so that the Democrats are being forced to their typical measures. Bad actors and cheating. The Lincoln Project sent "white nationalists" or Democrat actors, to the Youngkin event in Virginia. This will probably not be the last attempt to sway the election through misleading everyone. 

But they know they must win this election. Why? Because a loss in Virginia will continue to keep the Democrats divided, and possibly make it worse. The progressives will say that the left is not being radical enough. The moderates will say the progressives are causing the issue. That's exactly what Conservatives need. 

A win in Virginia would send a strong message to the radical left and Joe Biden about his failures. More importantly, it can be a launching point for conservatives to step up and lead once again. Right now, there is more finger pointing than anything. It's time to capitalize on what's happening and step out and lead our nation again. 

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In a Biden Economy

In a Biden Economy

October 16, 2021

If you have stayed in a hotel, filled your gas tank, went out to dinner, or shopped online, you have seen just what Joe Biden and the Democrat Party have in store for America. No, these insane delayed shipments and increased expenses are not just the cause of the coronavirus. Instead, it is basic economics - something that Ole' Joe and his mail-order businesses degree earner comrades like AOC fail to comprehend. As a nation, the burn is just getting started.

In September, the consumer price index, which measures changes in how much Americans pay for certain goods and services, rose 0.4%. Since Biden ravaged the Oval, America will continue to face high inflation. Here are a couple of markets that have seen the most significant increase in prices since the summer:


  • Rental cars: 42.9%
  • Gas: 42.1%
  • Used cars: 24.4%
  • Hotels: 18%
  • T.V.s: 12.7%
  • Furniture: 11.2%
  • Meats, poultry, fish, and eggs: 10.5%
  • New cars: 8.7%
  • Appliances: 7.1%
  • Electricity: 5.2%
  • Restaurant prices: 4.7%
  • Rent: 2.9%

Today's liberals are good at costing Americans a buck and even better at passing it, avoiding all accountability, and keep playing the same ole' blame game when in doubt. But here is the bottom line, ladies and gentlemen, due to Democrat stay-at-home paychecks and bailouts that entitled millions of Americans not to work, businesses are bleeding from a lack of skilled labor. Shipping costs have soared due to a lack of port workers and professional and commercial truck drivers. It costs more for a company to manufacture, and as a result, all Americans will pay more for everything. 

With Biden's vision of increased taxation of American companies, the result will be, they will either raise their prices and employ far less of our country's men and women, or they will fold their domestic operations in favor of new, international homes. We have seen this play out before - but never like we are about to. 

Currently, the government sector is hiring like never before - with even smaller growth in the private sector. But, that isn't to say that both Main Street and Wall Street aren't looking for workers; they cannot compete with the continued government subsidies for people to do absolutely nothing. 

Meanwhile, in mainstream America, you, I, and the millions of hardworking men and women in our country attempting to better ourselves and our families are paying the ultimate price. Across the nation, wages were less than inflation, resulting in less in your pocket than what you have to spend to survive. 

Let me key you all in on the idiocy of today's administration. Immediately upon arriving in The White House, Biden forced the closure of the XL pipeline, but for the last two months, he and his minions have been begging with the world's OPEC-nations to produce more oil? 

In August, just one day after the U.S. Senate voted to approve a massive $1.2 trillion "infrastructure" bill loaded up with incentives, mandates, subsidies, and slush funds designed to stimulate the buildout of electric vehicles (E.V.s) and renewable energy in the U.S., the President wants the rest of the world to pump more oil. 

Joe Biden has no clue, folks, about anything - I would honestly say that pulling down his boxer briefs daily is quite the chore for the guy. Today's Democrats have only one vision for our country, total government dependency for every American. In 2 years, we have forfeited our freedoms and our domestic dependence on God and ourselves. Instead, we have put stock in socialistic programs that bring nothing but an uncontrolled and unraveling debt that will destroy the solvency of our nation to the point of no return. 

With Biden-led initiatives to hold American companies responsible for their frivolous and pet-pandering spending projects, American dependence on foreign companies, especially Biden's partners in China, will most assuredly increase. Biden expects American business to bankroll spending - and in the end, fewer jobs will result, prices will rise, and everyone will pay!

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Biden is committed to wasting your money

Biden is committed to wasting your money

October 2, 2021

Democrats continue to argue over how they want to spend your money. This week, the most radical of the Democrats remained committed to spending $3.5 trillion on ridiculous government handout programs. Things like free college education, free housing, and billions for illegal immigrants. This comes as they want to say they are negotiating on a "bipartisan" infrastructure bill, a bill that will certainly not garner much Republican support. It's just another massive spending bill. 

In an attempt to save his agenda, Joe Biden went to Congress and said he is willing to do whatever it takes to save his agenda. He doesn't care how big it is, how small it becomes, or how radical it is. He simply wants to pass something. He said if it takes 6 hours, 6 days, or 6 weeks, he's committed to spending your taxpayer money. 

That's not a man that is leading our nation. That is a man that is scrambling. That is a man that is doing anything he can to try and save his agenda. That is a man who continues to see Americans' faith in him plummet poll after poll. He is doing anything he can to try and buy power for the Democrats. 

He and his handlers actually believe that Americans will just take whatever is given and leave them in power. But Americans have not forgotten several key details. Americans have not forgotten the Americans left in Afghanistan or our military members that died unnecessarily. They have not forgotten how great the economy was before Biden and the radical left's shutdowns. 

Americans have not forgotten the Biden regime's attempts to force mandatory vaccines on Americans. In what should be a free choice, Biden has decided that government knows what is best. But Americans must remember two other key things. 

The first is that our national debt is nearly $29 trillion. Biden is not responsible for all of that, although he had a hand in it during the Obama administration. Both sides of the political aisle have spent recklessly placing our nation in a debt crisis that continues to compound. But Americans must also remember that Biden is not fit to be President. He can barely remember what flavor of ice cream he wants or is eating, let alone how to lead our nation. 

Biden is bringing hopeless change to America. Change that is certain to decimate the economy, crush the American dream, and rip freedom away from future generations of Americans. 

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How to Become a Tyrant

How to Become a Tyrant

September 18, 2021

In the Netflix series, "How to Become a Tyrant," the 6-episode titles illustrate the steps taken by each of our world's most successful regimes: 

  1. "Seize Power"
  2. "Crush your Rivals"
  3. "Reign through Terror"
  4. "Control the Truth"
  5. "Create a New Society"
  6. And "Rule Forever"

While these titles depict and describe the likes of Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, and Saddam Hussein, and the actions each took from 1920 to 2006, they can most assuredly apply today to the actions taken by our nation's 46th president and the radical liberals of today's American Democrat Party. I want to use the "rule book" described in this new Netflix series and how Democrats have applied these same tactics to destroy our country from within and the freedoms of our nation's people.

American liberalism took root in the United States immediately following the Vietnam War - and has entrenched itself ever since. For over the last 50 years, but particularly under the Democrat administrations of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Joe Biden, liberals have transformed and revamped the American way of life. 

Clinton was elected twice because most Americans wanted domestic solvency - a balanced fiscal budget, expanded and secure Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security benefits. Slick Willy was a good salesman, and when his pants were zipped, most Americans believed that he delivered on his promises. But, in reality, he helped plant the seeds of today's Democrat Communist Party by creating a welfare state, establishing an American Class system of the "haves and have-nots," and implementing legislation to disarm lawful citizens of our nation under the "Assault Weapon's Ban." 

When Barack Obama was elected, it was more about something new and radical for America than legitimate policies put forward by a junior Senator and community organizer with zero experience. Obama's qualification was more about race than American societal reward. The most crucial detail of Obama's presidency is the incredible assimilation of money - the political machine to outspend political rivals had arrived. In politics, money can buy you anything - including votes. 

During Barack Obama's reign in America, he and his fellow Democrats strong-armed their rivals to get what they wanted. It was to rule with a pen for the president, implementing policy with the stroke of his pen through Executive Orders. For the Democrat Party-controlled House, it was to attempt to push legislation through that would force government interference through the lives of every American in the passing of universal healthcare. 

Fast-forward now through Donald Trump's administration to that of Joe Biden, and the Democrat dictatorial playbook starts to show itself. Today's liberals control the truth by controlling the narrative and the media markets in print and television. Democrats use the airwaves and social media platforms to crush their rivals and completely ignore what is occurring across our country or spin anything negative against the regime of Joseph R. Biden. 

Like Hitler and Stalin before them, today's American liberals have successfully discounted and removed all media and ideas that go against their regime. From failing to acknowledge conservative commentary and questions to fact-checking and Facebook jail, rivals of today's Democrats are crushed quickly in their opposition. Freedom of speech is eroding before our eyes. 

During the Holocaust and under Hitler's regime, many worldwide asked the Jews, why didn't they do you something? Why didn't they fight back rather than line up to be slaughtered? It was the fear instilled by the Nazis that commanded obedience. Today, liberals are using the same fear to demand compliance across the country. Within that fear, the message is clear; only the government can lead us out of these troubled times. 

I am here to tell you that these are lies - only under the authority of God and His blessings upon man will we overcome any crisis, any obstacle. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ commands that we leave all and follow him. Those who choose to follow tyranny will suffer the wrath of what history has offered - the choice is yours; we all know the path of the past and the atrocities it brings. The question is, what are you, what am I going to do? Who will we follow? 

What playbook will you play in? One of pain and suffering, or the one that contains the truth and the light and brings every lasting life beyond the borders of Biden and his regime here on earth?

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