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With Biden, US Looks to Again Abandon Israel

May 22, 2021

The Woke run amuck here in America, and as if destroying our nation wasn't enough for them, Joe Biden and his faithful have now decided that he and they want to meddle yet again in the Middle East. Our people better prepare themselves because I can tell you that Biden has seen only a bit of what Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel have in store for those who wish to cause harm to the Jewish people. 

For the life of me, I cannot understand what any member of the Jewish faith could support the Democratic plan, let alone sit idly by as the party that so many of them support purposefully anti-Semitically scheme behind their back to leave them and their interests defenseless against radical Islamic extremism. 

This past week, neighborhoods and cities within America joined in protests with London and Paris, aligning with Palestinian support and calling for America and Joe Biden to demand Israel cease their military operations. American Hollywood elite, including Susan Sarandon and Mark Ruffalo, called for U.S. sanctions on Israel.

Pro-Palestine members of Congress, including members of "the Squad," spoke out explicitly against the impunity that the U.S. government grants Israel. Palestinian American Rashida Tlaib called on fellow members of Congress to recognize the nakba and acknowledge the ethnic cleansing campaigns of 1947–1948. Ayanna Pressley and Cori Bush powerfully connected the Palestinian struggle to Black Lives Matter, with Bush declaring, in no uncertain terms, "we are anti-apartheid." 

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez drew links between Israel's onslaught on Gaza and U.S. imperialism in Puerto Rico. And there you have it, folks, the left, and with all of their almightiness sees that the racial charade they performed before the American People won, and they will not rest until their power and their policies play out on a global stage. 

For members of the Left, they wish nothing more than to continue their reverse anti-discrimination Manifest Destiny cross the Atlantic, join their Socialist brothers and sisters in Europe, and together, they will join forces in what will undoubtedly spell disaster for the Jewish people yet again. 

America's neglect for Zion is nothing new. America didn't join the allied forces in World War II to defend the lives of Jews in Europe. No, no, America entered the war to stop the imperialism of both Japan and Nazi Germany. FDR didn't give a rodent's rectum about Hitler's murderous campaign against Jews. Most of America during the 1930s and 1940s participated in anti-semitism - from the White House to Henry Ford's Motor Line, Jews were an oversight and far removed from the concerns of our countrymen and women. 

President Franklin D. Roosevelt himself harbored both angst and personal aggression against the Jewish People. In May 1943, President Franklin Roosevelt met with British Prime Minister Winston Churchill at the White House. It was 17 months after Pearl Harbor and a little more than a year before D-Day when FDR offered up what he called "the best way to settle the Jewish question."

Vice President Henry Wallace, who noted the conversation in his diary, said Roosevelt spoke approvingly of a plan (recommended by geographer and Johns Hopkins University President Isaiah Bowman) "to spread the Jews thin all over the world." The diary entry adds: "The president said he had tried this out in [Meriwether] County, Georgia [where Roosevelt lived in the 1920s] and at Hyde Park-based on adding four or five Jewish families at each place. He claimed that the local population would have no objection if there were no more than that."

FDR didn't do anything to assist Jews during World War II; in fact, he placed increasing restrictions that burden those Jews wishing to space Hitler's wrath. 

 U.S. immigration system severely limited the number of German Jews admitted during the Nazi years to about 26,000 annually — but even that quota was less than 25% filled during most of the Hitler era because the Roosevelt administration piled on so many additional requirements for would-be immigrants. For example, starting in 1941, merely leaving behind a close relative in Europe would be enough to disqualify an applicant — on the absurd assumption that the Nazis could threaten the relative and thereby force the immigrant into spying for Hitler.

Let’s be clear: Joe Biden doesn't care about the Jewish people and why? Because deep down, he has issues with both his faith and his allegiance to his country. For his fellow members of the Democratic Party, they too could care even less about the existence of a Jewish State. For you see, Israel does what America does and has been doing for 200 years. Our people will do whatever it takes to defend ours, but we will not allow another country to do the same. 

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