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US Liberals have led Ukraine to slaughter

February 27, 2022

let it be known that the power of the human spirit is mighty. This week, the country of Ukraine has fought hard for its land and its survival. Led by their President Zelensky, the Ukrainian people, young and old, everyday Nykolai's, to famous athletes alike, the Ukrainian people have taken to arms to tell the largest assembly of military force since World War II that their land and their freedom is not for the taking.

Folks, many worldwide didn't give Ukraine a fighting chance; heck, some around the globe said that Russian forces would take the country in 24-48 hours, and yet, here we are four days later, and the desire and war for freedom rage on.

But for all you are listening today, take notice, and heed the global response of what is happening to Ukraine and its people. The West, led by The United States, has sold out another Eastern ally.

The end of the Cold war saw Ukraine emerge as the third-largest nuclear power of the time, thanks to the vast leftover arsenal of the Soviet Union. About 5,000 nuclear arms, long-range missiles that carried up to 10 thermonuclear warheads in secret underground locations - Ukraine had it all. And overnight, led by internal agreements spearheaded by countries like The United States, Ukraine gave them all up - the only country in history to do so.

The promise from the US and the West? - we will keep you safe from Russia. And now, we see the result of what happens when countries trust our weak, liberal leaders and us. This week, we have led the Ukrainian people to slaughter - and as they fight Russians in their streets, Joe Biden is playing let's make a deal with weak, ineffective sanctions that will have more detriment to our domestic economy and the Russian people than it will on Vladimir Putin.

Folks, President Putin has a personal net worth of over $200-billion and sits on the world's 8th-largest oil reserves. To boot, the United States, even as these sanctions and introduced and as bodies lay dead in the streets of Ukraine, continues to import roughly 10-percent, or over half a million barrels of oil from Russian every day. That's right, Putin is getting a payday from the United States thanks to Joe Biden and his Green New Deal buddies in Congress who demolished our domestic output of oil and gas and made us wholly dependent on the Putin's of the world.

Let it be said that Vladimir Putin does not care about the financial security of his people - heck, if 189,999 of the 190,000 soldiers in or near Ukraine perished as a result of this conquest, he wouldn't hesitate to claim Russian victory. For you see, unlike Joe Biden, Vladimir Putin and his vision, while wrong and unjustified, is clear.

This week, Ukrainian President Zalensky called on his countrymen and women to fight the Russian forces. The Ukrainian government handed out AK-47s and ammunition to anyone wishing to defend their homeland. You see, unlike liberals in the United States, the need for guns and ammo are real - they combat the dark forces of internal and foreign governments who wish to forfeit freedom.

Let this be a wake-up call to citizens of The United States and the rest of the world, do not sacrifice your freedom. Do not give up the security of your land by forfeiting your weapons for when the chips are down; you cannot depend on governments of the West, but especially the United States, for protection.

This week, many have stated that this Russian aggression is just the start of things to come - a possible prelude to World War 3? In part, I agree. You see, Communist China is sitting in the background, monitoring the advances of the Russian Army and Putin, but more importantly, the West's response.

There is no doubt that the residents of Taiwan sit in doubt - should the Chinese Army invade their land, would the West help, or like in Ukraine, turn a blind eye to another nuclear power. Folks, I am not advocating American soldiers in Ukraine fighting against Russian forces. No, that would all be sure to lead to a global conflict. Instead, to expose how America has lost its standing in the world. We are liars and traitors to our word to our allies. After the first Gulf War, we left the Kurdish people to slaughter Saddam Hussein. In Afghanistan, we left those who fought and protected our forces to be killed by The Taliban. And now, we leave a defenseless country to be overrun and annihilated.

Despite their sell-out, unlike Joe Biden and his hiding in the basement, the Ukrainian people and their President choose to fight for their freedom. May God be with them. But, folks, let me be clear when I say that the United States has grown weak in the one year of Joe Biden's presidency. We all see that here at home, and so do Russia, China, and Iran, and if there ever were a bandwagon to take out the United States, these three countries would lead the charge.

Perhaps that is Putin's real goal here. Sure, he wants to reaffirm Russia and take back lands previously a part of the old Soviet Union. But make no mistake, today's war is drastically different than in World War 2. Many more global movers and shakers as a result of global economies. Too much American dependence on dictatorial and oppressive regimes. And the scariest is too many madmen with nothing to lose and everything to prove with itchy triggers fingers that could send a hellish display and dismay of nuclear arsenals that could leave America on her knees.

This week, The Cold War returns to the world. Although a Democrat by design in the 1950s, President Kennedy had the fortitude to stand up against the Soviets when nuclear weapons were just 90-miles off America's shores. But flash forward 70 years to the weakest President in our nation's history, and that ladies and gentlemen could lead to our demise. And that should be enough to scare anyone.

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