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Tyranny - it is here and you better be ready

February 19, 2022

The Freedom Convoy has disrupted things in Canada for the past few weeks. Enough so that Justin Trudeau has taken action to lock up anyone who stands against mandates and restrictions on the people of Canada. It's a great example of how he is taking action to prevent freedom. This is tyranny.

But do not be fooled that this is only happening abroad. Tyranny is already happening here in the US. Government leaders are controlling news outlets, social media outlets, and Democrats are forcing tyrannical rule onto Americans any chance they get. Actions continue to show that they will at any opportunity make our lives miserable. 

So how do we stop tyranny in its tracks? We must be prepared. We must be prepare outside of government resources. We must also take action. This means stop talking and start doing. Stand up to local and state leaders and hold them accountable. Refuse to accept their fast track to tyranny. Run for their seats and send them home. 

If we the people stand against the tyranny, tyranny cannot survive. 

Music courtesy of Greg Shields Music.

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