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The Search for Real Conservatives

January 16, 2021

For the second time in just over one year, President Trump was impeached by Democrats. He was charged with inciting insurrection, which is a stretch given that the statements he made have been said in a similar fashion by Democrats before. Still, they unanimously voted to impeach Trump a second time, convincing 10 Republicans to impeach him as well. There are a lot of questions as to what will happen in the Senate. The Senate will not take up the trial until after Trump leaves office and it’s not entirely clear that they can constitutionally impeach him once he is out of office anyway.

Not heard one single Republican said they are glad the violence happened at the Capitol. They have all spoke out and condemned it, as did President Trump.

But that does not satisfy the left. Rep. Cori Bush introduced a Resolution to try and expel anyone who challenged election results because she says that they contributed to the violence through their actions.

By expelling these people, the Democrats would be overturning the election of the people of the various districts across the country. That would be doing the very thing that the Democrats said President Trump was trying to do.

Silencing any opposition is certainly important in socialism and the Democrats are well on their way to establishing a socialist society with their puppet President Joe Biden.

He was more than happy to cater to them with the new coronavirus recovery plan that he introduced this week. It was filled with major spending, more money to Americans, but he also snuck one socialist plan in there also. He proposed a raise of the minimum wage to $15/hour. He said that this was just the first of two plans that he would introduce.

It’s a scary time in our country when we are staring down the barrel of a socialist society without much to protect us. Our elected representatives are the ones that we should be trusting to do this, instead, we are stuck searching for real conservatives.

We have become accustomed to representatives that waiver, flip-flop, and cater to their big donors in an effort to save their careers in Washington. As the impeachment process took place, ten Republicans proved that they were no longer concerned with anything on the right, they are only concerned with public perception.

They no longer believe in fighting for the causes that the conservative base believes in. They believe that it's simply ok to run from what you believe in because of opposition.

Conservatives are now on the search for real conservative representatives. Those that will stand for what they believe in and stand for what’s right, no matter how mad and upsetting that is to the Democrats and the mainstream media.

The days of tolerating pandering and wavering are over. If we say we believe in something, like small government, fair elections, the Constitution, among many other things, we should stand for those things no matter what.

Just because of public pressure and Democrat pressures to potentially ending a career, that’s no reason to abandon those you represent and the values that you claim to hold. The search is on for some real conservatives in Congress.

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