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The real “science” behind social distancing

April 25, 2021

Two researchers at MIT recently conducted a study on social distancing as recommended by the CDC and the WHO. MIT Professors Martin Bazant, a chemical engineering professor, and John Bush, an applied mathematics professor, worked together to look at all the variables that could affect transmission of the COVID-19 virus. 

The two looked at many variables, such as time spent inside of a building, air filtration and circulation, variant strains, immunization, masks, and even activities such as speaking, singing, eating or breathing. It was the most thorough study performed on social distancing and transmission of the virus to date. 

After the study, the two concluded that the CDC and WHO were not using valid science for their distancing guidelines. They determined that the “science” being argued to justify the social distancing guidelines was more fearmongering than science at all. The risk to someone being exposed outdoors, unless crammed on top of each other, was essentially non-existent. 

The study proves that conservative leaders across this country got this one right. While the President wanted to say that Texas, Florida, and others were using “neanderthal” thinking, they were actually using common sense. They were actually looking at the details, not the fearmongering tactics. The American economy has been hurt and in many areas decimated by the coronavirus. 

That’s not saying that people are not still out spending money. But drive down any American highway and you will see help wanted signs everywhere. Businesses are struggling to find workers because people would rather stay home than work. Service industries are having difficulty and in many areas providing delayed services just to try to serve their customers. 

The Democrats are using the pandemic to continue to decimate the American economy. They are using it to justify the Green New Deal, free housing, free tuition, free money handouts, and more. 

Researcher Bazant said that we need the information conveyed to Americans without the fearmongering, but rather focused on actual analysis. In other words, we need to eliminate Dr Fauci and the Democrats from their fearmongering ways. The science proves that the conservatives were right. 

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