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Republicans must not bail out Joe Biden in 2022

January 22, 2022

Joe Biden took to the news cycle this week in an attempt to sell Americans on his first year. He wants everyone to believe his first year was a success. Ask Americans, and they will tell you a different story. 

He has claimed success for things that others have done. All the while, Biden has yet to accomplish one thing for himself. The pandemic continues. Inflation continues. Jobs are not coming back like he promised. His version of "Build back better" looks more like a trash heap than anything. 

But he insists he outperformed expectations. Based on his approval rating, it's clear that the Americans who fell for his campaign lies expected much more. 

That's why Democrats are launching into their new plan. Find a win anywhere they can possibly find one. Scaled back bills, local elections, and getting support from local leaders to help win people over that Biden is actually doing something good. Americans will not fall for it. 

The most important concern is the Republicans, however. Republicans in Congress cannot fall for what the Democrats are going to do. There is NOTHING that Joe Biden can accomplish without Republican help. He is a failure without them. Let him continue to be a failure. 

They must not cave to any of these reduced bills, spending measures, election measures, etc. Let Joe Biden suffer because of his empty promises and his lies to the American people. Let him continue to be a failure. Do not bail out Joe Biden in 2022.

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