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Reject Socialistic Scraps

December 26, 2020

For those who have strayed from your Christmas table and attempted to wrap their head around the madness contained in the new COVID-19 bill, like me, you are Godsmacked! Just listen to some of the money that today's lame-duck liberals and wanna be conservative Congressmen and women were attempting to squander and steal from the American people. $85.5 million to Cambodia $134 million to Burma $1.3 billion for Egypt and the Egyptian military, which will go out and buy almost exclusively Russian military equipment $40 million for the Kennedy Center, which is not even open for business $1 billion for the Smithsonian And $154 million for the National Gallery of Art. Like with the previous COVID Relief bill passed earlier this year, Democrats in this country, and particularly in Congress, are wishing to pad the pockets of their pet projects and philanders at the expense of the American people. Denying the aid to Americans and instead of giving money to countries who don't like us very much is a slap in the face to every American - regardless of your political party affiliation. Democrats in this country only care about one thing besides their keister, and that is, ensuring their power for themselves and their fellow socialists. Just look at the utter financial mess that these anti-conservative clowns have left for our children's children. As our national debt climbs towards 30-trillion dollars, liberal lawmakers wish to do nothing more than pursue AOC's vision of printing more money to curb our country's issues. These elected idiots on both sides of the political aisle are dismantling our country, making our current and economy weaker than dishwater, and paving the way for international influence the likes this nation has never seen. Of course, it could spell benefits for Democratic off-shore business dealings with Biden and Clinton's last name. But for everyday, hardworking Americans, who get up every morning, pull themselves up by their bootstraps and attempt the best possible life for themselves and their families, your life and your success don't compare to displayed art and music. Better yet, border protection in foreign countries like Egypt is essential, but for liberals here at home, it is open season and open borders for America. But as many Americans sit at home and wonder how much of your hard-earned money these out-of-touch idiots in D.C. will return to you, you all need to take a look at the real issue. And that is, as a direct result of Democratic local and state policy, you have found yourself out of work, increased food and fuel prices, and local small businesses within your community either closed for good or scrambling daily to say afloat. Liberal politicians and wannabe conservatives playing tough in the halls of Congress have duped many in American into believing that they are nothing without government. My parents did not raise a fool, and I do not play foolish games. And for those of who you do, the joke will be on you. And for the ring leaders responsible for orchestrating the chaos plaguing our country, your time is up, you will be exposed, and the fires of hell will be cast upon you as our nation regains its freedom.

Music courtesy of Greg Shields Music.

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