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Liberal lies during the Lenten Season

April 2, 2022

This week, as a deterrent and deflection of the utter mess imposed upon our world and nation due to the totalitarian regimes of Biden and Putin, the left-wing media machine continues to distort the truth intentionally. The purpose of which is to drive not only a deeper divide between our people but to keep us away from God and the teachings we should all be reflecting upon during this Christian season. 

As Ukraine, but specifically, its people continue to fight for their right to life and liberty, here at home, Joe Biden and his left-wing minions of liberal lunacy strive in every way to disembowel the heart and soul of American nationalism. Ever since the end of World War II, the American liberal elites in this country have distorted the truth in their teachings that nationalism is terrible and ultimately leads to Hitler-like action. 

This utter nonsense and the ultimately inner workings of a systematic process of today's liberal machine to ensure that our country bows to the ever demands of the Democrat Party. 

Since last Sunday's dismal Academy Awards Program, the left-wing media machine has blasted their opinions of the "Slap Heard Round the World," citing Will Smith's physical assault of Chris Rock during a verbal exchange to include comedic jokes against Smith's wife, Jada. Folks, let me tell you; I could care less about this Hollywood nonsense - for there are more important things happening across the world and in our own country than a bunch of overpaid, diapered movie screen stars hitting and verbally assaulting one another. 

Our nation's inflation rate continues to spiral out of control. Millions of Ukrainian refugees are fleeing their homeland; North Korea is shooting new and improved intercontinental ballistic missiles, gasoline remains at $4.20 a gallon, Democrats are warning of a COVID resurgence, and Vladamir Putin has become boxed-in with only a nuclear option as a last result. The world sits on the brink of a global conflict, and a blabbing, buffering buffoon in Joe Biden continues his pathetic reign as our nation's commander-in-chief. 

During our season of Lent, a time when we should be coming together to celebrate the return and rise of our Christ, we are asked to turn a blind eye to the invasion of our country from illegal immigration, the financial ruin of our country in favor of upsetting those wish to engage in un-Godly principles and poor jokes. 

We have exchanged our way of life; the moral compass now points inward instead of out - no more does helping one another seem as exciting as fulfilling one's desires. Joe Biden and the Democrats have duped so many, which is frightening that this is just the beginning. 


Over the next two weeks, as we await and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who paid the ultimate price for our sins with his death; I ask, where are you now in your relationship with God? Where are you with your relationship with your spouse, family, co-workers, and community? COVID is not to blame for our continual and spiritual decline. Instead, as we celebrate the life of our Christ over the next two weeks, we should reject the liberal policies that neglect his teachings and get back to the pride we once had as Christians...and Americans. 

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