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It Was All for the Good of the Country

April 19, 2021

Across the country, it was a perilous time. Taxes were on the rise, government actions were frustrating. That was on April 18th. But it was all for the good of the country, they were told. White-collar and blue-collar workers alike were upset with the direction of the country and the government's actions. Political division was sharp. One side was accused of spreading conspiracy theories, sharing that the government was not interested in the people. The other side pushed back, saying it was all in the best interest of the country. 

The government tried to deal with the "misinformation" that was being spread, but the frustrations continued to mount. Finally, on April 18th, the government decided to act decisively to force people into submission and compliance with their rules, restrictions, and regulations. On April 19th, the people decided to take a stand. 

The government turned neighbors against each other. People were ridiculed for taking a stand against the government. Initially, only 77 people took a stand. Eight of them paid the ultimate sacrifice on that April 19th. They were called names and ridiculed for their beliefs and actions. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? The angry mob, who came seeking what they believed was equality and justice, decided to resort to violence and destruction. They proceeded to burn everything in their path. 

One altercation led to another, just a few miles away. The same angry mob, seeking justice and compliance, descended on another group of conspiracy theorists. They launched attacks again, but this time those standing against them were more prepared. As word spread, more patriots took a stand and that stand on April 19th ended up being historic. 

Now, 276 years after those "shots heard 'round the world" America finds itself in a similar situation. We have a tyrannical government that is looking to force compliance and restrictions. The patriots in 1775 knew that the preservation of freedom does not come from laying down your weapons and giving in to the tyrannical government. They knew that to preserve freedom, you must stand for what you believe in. Everyone is turning to the government for safety and security, as the government spreads fear across our nation. 

Can we find enough patriots to stand against the tyranny of the Democrats and the radical government? Will enough people finally pay attention and see through the mainstream media lies? We have been here before. We were told it was for the good of the nation, when in fact, it's only good for those in power. 

Music courtesy of Greg Shields Music.

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