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It’s time to stop pretending: the radical left hates conservatives

April 17, 2022

Earlier this week, Press Secretary Jen Psaki made headlines for another statement about Fox News and Peter Doocy. She and the administration tried to play it off. She issued a half-hearted apology, simply pushing the blame elsewhere. It was similar to the same thing that Joe Biden did when he referred to Doocy as the same thing. What happened was an insult to Doocy's intellect, but we have to be honest. Are we shocked?

For years, the radical left has been attacking conservatives at any chance. They have called us stupid, racists, and bigots. They have celebrated when a Republican is shot, calling them fascists. They have called for the exile of conservatives and to remove them from society. 

It's time to stop playing games. The radical left is not interested in unity, being the United States of America, or any involvement with Conservatives. So why are Republicans acting otherwise?

We continue to see the Republicans around the country pander to moderates. They want us to believe that by being moderate they can win an election. They want us to believe that they can save America through their soft stance as it is more appealing. It's time to stop pretending and take a firm stance on what being an American really is. 

It's time that we take a firm stance and let moderates choose. It's time to stop pandering to the 3% of society that the radical left wants us to. Take a stand for truth and what's right, and let the moderates choose. Either they are for America, or they are for its destruction. It's time to stop playing like everyone loves this nation and wants to see it progress in unity and "love." 

The radical left hates us and we need to come to that acceptance and start focusing on the things that made America exceptional. We need to return our focus to freedom, faith, and family once again. Those are the things that matter. Put America and all the things she stands for first and foremost, and leave the pandering at the door. 

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