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Everything was better before Joe Biden

March 5, 2022

Since the threat of a Russian invasion started in Ukraine, it seemed that many across the world ignored it. They wanted to ignore that Russia was lining troops along the border of a sovereign nation and threatening to take it over. Governments across Europe fell for it. Our American government fell for it. It even seems from recent statements that China is skeptical of Russia’s action. Russia believed they would overthrow Ukraine within just a matter of days. That was until the amazing leadership of Ukrainian President Zelensky. This guy, who doesn’t come from a political past, stepped up and has been leading his people like a true leader does. This was not about politics for him. This was not about money, power, or anything else. This was about this nation and its freedom.

Through all of this, there are key lessons that we need to pay attention to.

First, Russian President Vladimir Putin appears unphased, unchecked, and certainly not scared of any sanctions or potential actions that anyone may take against him. He’s heightened nuclear warheads for battle, threatened action, and taken casualties and war losses unlike many have seen in decades in war. Yet, he continues on. He has a goal and a mission. He has threatened about allowing others to join NATO and the EU amid his invasion. He has a checklist, and he is going through that checklist.

The second lesson is that the actions in Ukraine have had far reaching consequences across the world. Oil prices are surging. Costs of other goods are surging. Russia essentially has the rest of the world in an energy chokehold. Yet, no one is doing anything about it. US President Joe Biden has yet to ban anything from Russia. We are still allowing purchase of their goods. We are still allowing import of their oil. We banned their flights over our airspace, but how does that punish the tyrannical actions of Putin? It punishes the Russian people, who continue to speak out against his actions.

The biggest lesson has to do with leadership. We are seeing the results of weak leadership across the world. Joe Biden and European leaders did not see Putin’s actions as a threat. They did not believe he would act or do anything in this situation. Yet he did. They threatened sanctions, he just secured deals outside of those. They threatened to stop his development, but he already had them dependent on his oil and natural gas. Rather than leading our nation, Joe Biden has left it for state leaders to determine if they will block Russian items from being sold. Yes, governors are having to act to block Russian products because our worthless President and his puppet Vice President are more interested in playing games rather than actually leading.

Instead of leading, inflation continues across the nation. Gas prices continue to soar with Biden having no plan for how to address the coming $5 per gallon gas. He has no plan to address the surging energy prices that are coming, the continued food and product shortages that we are experiencing. His only plan is to continue to argue that you are better off now than you were, you just can’t see it because of COVID. It is easier to see, we were much better off before Joe Biden. 

In 14 months, Joe Biden has completely destabilized our world and our economy. He has taken a thriving nation and pulled the rug out from under it. Instead of having visions of a prosperous future, we now have to be concerned for the safety and security of our tomorrow. Everything was better off before President Joe Biden came along.

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