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Don’t let Biden and Fauci Steal Christmas

December 25, 2021

Christmas has been under attack for two straight years now. This year, Anthony Fauci said that you should stand at the door of your home and police family for their COVID vaccines.

You can take a COVID vaccine if you want. That should be your choice, and it should not come between you and your family for a holiday meal or gathering. Grandma and Grandpa should not be at the door asking to see vaccination cards before allowing their grandchildren to enter. Priests should not be policing the doors of church services. 

That is not the spirit of Christmas at all. But that's what Fauci and Biden have attempted to make Christmas this year.

There is more interest in promoting the vaccine passports to enter and exit from events than there is in promoting the reason that we are celebrating Christmas. We celebrate Christmas that our Savior was born and would end up being the sacrifice for the sin of the world. We are not here to celebrate Fauci and his development of a new coronavirus that continues to mutate. We are not here to celebrate members of Congress and government agencies profiting off of COVID vaccines.

We should be celebrating with family, spending time fostering relationships, and building memories. But it seems that is not possible in the Biden White House. Staffers are frustrated with the regime's level of control and their lack of ability to drive change. But that's the exact plan of Biden and the radical left. They want to control everything. 

We cannot let Biden and Fauci steal Christmas. We must remember what the season is about and not let them have control over the messaging, celebration, the reasons, or anything else. 

No matter what Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci want to say, they cannot take the place of Christmas and the reason for Christmas away. 

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