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Conservatives were right about defunding the police

November 6, 2021

For several years, we have been told that defunding the police was a bad idea. Progressives and mainstream media argued that the police were racist and that systemic racism could only be addressed by eliminating the police. But apparently, Americans do not agree. 

The voters in Minneapolis said that they did not want to eliminate their police. It was not a slim majority, either. Americans believe in the police. They believe that law enforcement plays a vital role in American society. But that did not stop the mainstream media from sharing more propaganda. 

Then there was a school district in California that voted to reinstate their school resource officers. A recent event near the school led them to say that student safety was more important than pandering to progressive fake social justice causes. 

It's a shame we got to this point. The left wants to argue about bad examples, but there are bad examples everywhere. Just look at Congress and you can find hundreds of bad examples, yet we are not attempting to establish term limits. 

It's a shame we are at this point, but it's a situation of I told you so. Conservatives said this was a bad idea from the beginning. We said that violent crime would increase and that they would regret the decision. 

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