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Biden is Race-Baiting Our Supreme Court

January 30, 2022

For over a generation, our nation has taught that everyone, regardless of race, deserves a shot at success. But folks, in an instant, President Joe Biden has dismantled has turned the tables - this time, limiting his pool of candidates to make good on his campaign promise of bringing an African-American female to the Supreme Court.

What you have here is reverse discrimination. During his presidential campaign, Biden claimed from coast to coast that he would be the "Great Unifier" and ensure that African Americans get a fair shake at the American Dream. Folks, Joe Bide, and the rest of the Democrat Party could give a rodent's rectum about minorities in this country. What's more, by stating that only a black female would be considered by his administration for congressional nomination for The Supreme Court, he is saying that all other races, genders, and other demographics are unqualified for this job.

Like so many millions of Americans, I was raised on ethics and good works bringing reward. But imagine the guilt and shame that many African Americans today should feel? Is this Supreme Court nomination about work, ability, or merely skin deep?

There are certainly qualified possible nominees that identify as African American - but instead of bringing these names forward for consideration, Joe Biden again Race Baits our nation, pits whites against blacks, minority classes against themselves to make it seem that he and only white men of today's liberal and social democrat party are not racist. This is disgusting and repulsive - even for liberals.

Biden needs to correct this wrong and bring forward nominees based on their academic achievements and career accolades, and let this UN-RACIST country of ours, led by our elected leaders, pick the worthiness of the next Justice of our Supreme Court.

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