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Biden is Putin’s Paper Tiger

February 12, 2022

Biden supporters are as scarce as a winning lottery ticket. According to Pew Research this week, just 41% of adult Americans approve of Biden's job performance as president. But that isn't the worst, for as Biden continues to lose confidence from traditional Democrat demographics like African Americas, who 1/3rd of them disapprove of his handling of everything. When Biden took office, he held a 92% favorable rating among Christian Blacks - now, that number is 65%.

The reason for these dismal numbers is quite apparent - Joe Biden's lack of leadership, national and global understanding, and his continued willingness to disregard reality is killing our nation, our economy, our security, and our everyday way of life.

Add into the mix an ex-KGB, megalomanic in Russian President Vladimir Putin, who is staging a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, will undoubtedly send crude oil prices near $150 a barrel and over $5 a gallon at your local pump.

You can't make this stuff up - this is happening - right now. And where is our great leader, Joe Biden? - again, hiding out in the confines of his Camp David compound. Sound familiar? When our countrymen and women and longtime allies in Afghanistan were threatened, hunted down, and killed, where was Joe Biden? - that's right, in the bunkers and basements of Camp David.

Joe Biden is nothing like Donald Trump, and even further from the genius of Ronald Reagan. By the end of 2024, 12 of the last 16 years would have been under a Democrat president, and America has never been weaker. Joe Biden has turned these United States into nothing more than a paper tiger of his former self - and nation of pride we once were. A country that said we would not fight in global wars, but if you endanger our way of life, threaten our security, or harm our people or allies, we will leave a dusting of your existence. This is the America we should all strive to be - but under Biden and the other clueless within his administration, America will be a nation of kneepad-wearing nothings, begging the Putin's of the world to take what they want, just don't hurt us.

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