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Biden is Proud of the Struggling US Economy

May 8, 2021

On Friday, the latest US jobs report was issued and it did not have the best news. Unemployment continues to rise, rising to 6.1%. Experts had hoped the economy would add 1 million jobs. Instead, it only added 266,000 jobs.

There is little reason for anyone to be unemployed right now. Jobs are available across the country. Conservative outlets have sounded the alarm about what is happening, being criticized by Democrats and mainstream media for spreading misinformation and fake news. The jobs that are open, many pay well above the $15 minimum wage Democrats want. So the issue is not the money. 

The issue is Democratic policy. After all, President Joe Biden was proud of the US jobs report. He made a statement on Friday and we have a clip of that in this episode. We talk about his statements and how the statements are sickening to hear from a US president. 

Rather than being focused on the strength of the US economy, the radical left is focused on how they can destroy it. They are focused on crashing the US economy, blaming it all on the coronavirus pandemic. They are not interested in helping people, business, or any social class as they claim. They are only interested in government power. 

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