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Biden is committed to wasting your money

October 2, 2021

Democrats continue to argue over how they want to spend your money. This week, the most radical of the Democrats remained committed to spending $3.5 trillion on ridiculous government handout programs. Things like free college education, free housing, and billions for illegal immigrants. This comes as they want to say they are negotiating on a "bipartisan" infrastructure bill, a bill that will certainly not garner much Republican support. It's just another massive spending bill. 

In an attempt to save his agenda, Joe Biden went to Congress and said he is willing to do whatever it takes to save his agenda. He doesn't care how big it is, how small it becomes, or how radical it is. He simply wants to pass something. He said if it takes 6 hours, 6 days, or 6 weeks, he's committed to spending your taxpayer money. 

That's not a man that is leading our nation. That is a man that is scrambling. That is a man that is doing anything he can to try and save his agenda. That is a man who continues to see Americans' faith in him plummet poll after poll. He is doing anything he can to try and buy power for the Democrats. 

He and his handlers actually believe that Americans will just take whatever is given and leave them in power. But Americans have not forgotten several key details. Americans have not forgotten the Americans left in Afghanistan or our military members that died unnecessarily. They have not forgotten how great the economy was before Biden and the radical left's shutdowns. 

Americans have not forgotten the Biden regime's attempts to force mandatory vaccines on Americans. In what should be a free choice, Biden has decided that government knows what is best. But Americans must remember two other key things. 

The first is that our national debt is nearly $29 trillion. Biden is not responsible for all of that, although he had a hand in it during the Obama administration. Both sides of the political aisle have spent recklessly placing our nation in a debt crisis that continues to compound. But Americans must also remember that Biden is not fit to be President. He can barely remember what flavor of ice cream he wants or is eating, let alone how to lead our nation. 

Biden is bringing hopeless change to America. Change that is certain to decimate the economy, crush the American dream, and rip freedom away from future generations of Americans. 

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