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Americans are allowing a theft of their freedom

August 4, 2021

On Tuesday, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that starting in September, people will be required to prove they've received at least one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine to eat indoors, visit gyms, and go to theaters. Local government will violate the civil liberties and personal protections of free citizens for what they call the "common good."

What is the "common good?" Is it the 98% survival rate of a virus of unknown communist origin? Or perhaps it is the failed previous vaccine initiative conjured up by liberal politicians and business executives. Or maybe, and more consequentially, it is the efforts of the new Biden-led communist regime hellbent on conformity and total socialist submission to bend people to their will.

For over a year and a half, today's liberal communist party has monitored just how much the American People will tolerate, from mask mandates to shutdowns of our nation's churches, schools, and workplaces. Their research proves that freedom can be bought for 100 bucks, free beer, and lottery tickets for some Americans. But for others like myself, who have refused the COVID-19 vaccine, not for the medical significance, but for my right to choose. For as a society, if we roll over and accept and admit defeat under a federal government that was never intended to rule over its citizens, where does it end?

Perhaps it ends on what books we may read or what television stations we can watch? Maybe it is what we can wear or what and where we may gather? After all, today's liberals and their supplied minions spread across social media companies already censor free speech across their platforms. And not let us forget that just this year, Americans were banned from worshipping and attending schools, all in the name of the "common good."

We have been sliding a slippery slope for over a year and a half now - and with no visible end in sight. The communist crossroads ahead for us lead our nation into despair, no matter the direction we take. Either we comply and follow the liberals blindly down a path of economic and societal suicide. Or we give up and succumb to power.

The choice you and your fellow Americans make today will have lasting impacts and implications. Choice wisely.

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