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A Nation of Useful Idiots

July 31, 2021

Today, many in our nation desperately want to be a part of something much bigger than themselves - no matter the cause. Sense of self means nothing, and rather than taking a stand for individuality, today's liberal mass movements mandate obedience to the reason, and in turn, end up stripping the identity of its membership. You are either all in, or you are not, and if you are not, hell have no fury like a liberal scorned.

Look around; many Americans are in awe of the immediate rise of the counterculture in our country, from ANTIFA to BLM, to now the surge of cancel "anything" conservative culture mainstreamed today by all liberal-infested markets. From media to schools and universities, today's counterrevolutionaries have one goal in mind, to destroy everything that has made our nation great, and replace it with a failed, Marxists system that will never work and has never worked across the globe.

Today's Democrats know that even though they have substantial political influence and power, they need the help of the desperate and the disenfranchised to act upon and disseminate their crap across the country. Enter the "useful idiots," the liberal-fascist foot soldiers plucked and placed for a purpose within the United States whose aim is to brainwash and indoctrinate current and future generations of warped-minded minions to carry on their anti-conservative culture.

Many Americans today are lazy, feeble-minded, and want something for nothing or a lot of minimal effort. They want pay rises for no increase in productivity; they want free college, healthcare, and housing. They do not care how they receive these benefits, and for that, today's Democratic Party have promised to pacify, guaranteeing, and giving the grumbling everything they want but haven't earned. And what is most frightening is, liberals will spend into oblivion to give "their people" what they want - no matter the financial cost or ramification.

Democrats know this and have masterfully manifested mass movements and subcultures to include and invite every fringe member of society whose wants exceed their worth. By duping the dumb and ignorant into a massive campaign of idiots is the new Democratic Party way. Just listen to some of the comments made by liberal legislators and governors across the country.

The government will do this for you, and do that for you is today's Democratic mantra - but even Democrats know they cannot fulfill these promises. And rather than admitting their liberal lies to their movement members, they ignite further debate amongst the group, continue to demand total allegiance, dare anyone to break ranks, or criticize the collective. Suddenly, members of the masses lose their identity and almost willingly walk cluelessly into the midst. The cause, the group, and the party mean more than anything. This is Marxism!

Before long, folks, self-respect and discipline vacate the minds of the party membership, and before long, nothing is too radical. Desperate people will act desperately - and if not controlled, will create laws to restrict people, fences to house them, and killing fields and crematoriums to murder them.

Today's hot button issues are just what Democrats want today - deceive, divide and eventually conquer. And before their massed movement membership or others across the country realize, they are left lied-to and defenseless to stop the communist cog machine that will rape our Republic and its citizens of individuality and freedom.

How long are you willing to wait before it is too late?

Music courtesy of Greg Shields Music.


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